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A.E. Rodda & Son Ltd

Manufacturer of delicious dairy products

What we do:

Rodda's began as a family business in a farmhouse kitchen, and throughout our 125-year history family values have remained at the heart of how we work. We believe the care we invest in our employees is a vital part of our success. We continue to remain committed to the health and wellbeing of all of our employees.

We manufacture delicious dairy products including Cornish Clotted Cream, Custard, Milk, Crème Fraiche and butter. The crowning glory of Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream has always been its delicious golden crust, which is especially rich and delicate because of the quality of our milk and the way we bake it. The crust is a sign of quality and rather like gold-top milk, where all the tastiest bits rise to the surface. It’s a protective seal of freshness for the delicious, silky cream below and it’s how you know you’ve got the real deal.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

We have successfully become a Disability Confident Employer and a Mindful Employer. We continue to provide staff with fresh fruit every day and local and national newspapers and our 6 monthly health checks are very much appreciated by all staff. We have created our very own Croust House as a rest area which all staff can enjoy. We've got lovely leather sofas and comfy chairs and staff can enjoy watching the television or playing a game of table football during their rest breaks. The Croust House is also lighted by huuga lighting which has been proven to provide people with a relaxed environment reducing stress levels. We have also created our very own Rodda's table tennis league, crowning our very first winner of the Rodda's Championship in July which was played at our annual barbeque.

Recent health and well being activities:

This year we purchased an all-weather outdoor table tennis table and launched our very first Rodda's Table Tennis Tournament which culminated in the final at our summer barbeque. The winner, Scott Downing received a trophy and had his name engraved on our shield which we will add names to each year. The tournament was so popular that we have created our very own league and you can often see the Finance Director playing a game! This year we have also invested in special ergonomic office chairs for all work-station users which are fully customisable to each user and provide great back support.

Having a healthy and productive workforce should be everyone’s ambition, especially in today’s competitive business environment. Successful organisations know that staff satisfaction and wellbeing bring business benefits. Being a good employer enhances an organisation’s reputation, makes it attractive to work for, and improves overall performance. We believe health and well being should be at the heart of all that we do at Rodda's and we are extremely proud of our staff and their achievements in being a healthy workplace.

- Director
TRAC Services Ltd

"The healthy workplace toolkit has been an invaluable resource for TRAC. It is helped us review where we are as a company in terms of providing a healthy workplace and clearly identify new measures we can put in place. It is a very robust and easy to use resource that has united the team here in a common goal of improving the health and wellbeing of everyone. The website that support the initiative is easy to use and as lots of very helpful information and case studies. It is really easy to track your progress using the website. We have also benefited greatly from the support and enthusiasm of Rachel and the team in helping us on our journey and were delighted to be awarded silver following our recent assessment." - TRAC Services Ltd

Work-Based Physical activity Programmes

Work-based physical activity programmes:  A programme costing £18,900 for a company with 100 employees could lead to an overall net saving of £10,941 (Promoting physical activity in the workplace: business case).

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