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Angel Fulfilment Services Ltd

Experts in charity call handling and fulfilment solutions

What we do:

Angel is a Call Centre based in Par, Cornwall.  We cover everything from inbound customer service, charity fundraising campaigns and donation handling, order taking and enquiry services as well as handling supporter care calls.  We work with many leading UK and worldwide charities such as WWF and Oxfam.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

We wanted to enhance our Employee Discount Scheme by adding discounted gym memberships for our employees.  We came across the Healthy Workplace programme which opened up a whole new world of opportunities for us!

As well as trying to encourage physical fitness, we recognised that we needed to understand more about mental health and how to provide support.  Stress, depression and anxiety were keywords we were seeing on Return to Work interviews on a weekly basis.  Other than our Employee Assistance Programme through Bupa, we had no way of knowing how to deal with such issues.  Absence levels were high and our understanding was low.  This needed to change!

Recent health and well being activities:

Mental Health - in August 2017, we were lucky enough to have Carly Titmus from the Health Promotion Service visit our offices to hold a Mental Health Awareness & Stress workshop for all staff - senior managers, shift managers and call centre agents were all encouraged to attend.  This was incredibly well received and all came away with a better understanding of the impact of mental ill health and just how many people are affected.



In Sept 2017, two members of staff became Mental Health First Aiders after attending a 2 day course.  Our MHFA's are responsible for all Return to Work interviews which relate to mental health and have become pivotal in creating a workplace which is safe, supportive and without judgement.

Healthy Weight Programme - the lovely Amy Bromfield has visited us twice with her Tanita Scales and to provide advice on living well.  We held a 12 week competition for the employee with 'most improved results' which sparked a lot of healthy eating and exercise.

Chlamydia Screening - Olivia Dunlop visited us to hold a workshop on the importance of sexual health.

Ping pong table - Cornwall Sports Partnership kindly loaned us a ping pong table which created a lot of happiness in the workplace (some sore losers too!)

Success Story:

After being annoyed and shocked with the results of his weigh in and the Tanita scales, our Head of IT, Jon Bromley, decided that healthy living was the way forward. Jon was determined to improve his overall health, not just to lose weight.  Jon overhauled his diet to include fresh veg, lean meat and fish and plenty of water and started morning walks before work.  After 12 weeks, Jon had the most improved results and said that he felt happier, more energised and less stressed as a result.  Jon has kept these changes and said it’s a way of life for him now, rather than a fad. 

As a business, we know that we have to proactively support the health and wellbeing of our employees in order to improve productivity, increase engagement and reduce absenteeism.  We hope that by signing up to the Healthy Workplace Programme and all of the fantastic initiatives involved, we are bolstering trust and commitment to our employees, and we hope to expect the same in return. – Darren Juleff, Managing Director.   

- Director
Surrounding Influence

Having plants in and around the office can reduce employee annual sickness absence by as much as 23%, research by the Hortiucultural Trades Association has argued.  The research, in conjunction with the University of Reading, found that green space and planted areas can help to deliver substantial social and environmental benefits for organisations

Staff Engagement

Companies with higher levels of staff engagement have 13% lower staff turnover and less than half the UK average sickness absence.

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