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Angel Fulfilment Services Ltd

Call centre with expertise in charity call handling processes and training

What we do:

Our call centre operates at a 90 seat capacity, utilising some of the latest technology in call handling processes and training.

We cover everything from inbound customer service, charity fundraising campaigns and donation handling, order taking and enquiry services as well as handling supporter care calls. We work with many leading UK and worldwide charities such as WWF and the RSPCA.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

In 2017, we wanted to enhance our Employee Discount Scheme by adding discounted gym memberships for our employees. We came across the Healthy Workplace programme which opened up a whole new world of opportunities for us!
As well as trying to encourage physical fitness, we recognised that we needed to understand more about mental health and how to provide support. Stress, depression and anxiety were keywords we were seeing on Return to Work interviews on a weekly basis. Other than our Employee Assistance Programme through Bupa, we had no way of knowing how to deal with such issues.

Recent health and well being activities:

We continue to go from strength to strength with our positive mental health support in the workplace.  Our Mental Health First Aiders are proactive in helping, reassuring and checking in on those who might need help.  We've removed any stigmas related to mental health, we encourage people to talk to one another about issues/concerns and the 'Angel Family' continues to grow closer.  
We've also massively improved our Healthy Snack Box, taking advice from Sugar Smart and labelling our items to raise awareness of high sugar and fatty foods. 
Amy visited us again with her Tanita scales and this is always well received. 

Success Story:

Mandy Taplin took on the role of MHFA since August.  Since then, she has offered a great deal of support to anyone who has needed it and the training she received has changed Mandy's personal life too.  Mandy said she has been able to use what she learnt on the course in her own situations to recognise when she or those around need to take 'time out' and concentrate on looking after themselves.  Mandy is fantastic in the support she provides at Angel and she enjoys making such a positive difference to people at work. 

As a business, we know that we have to proactively support the health and wellbeing of our employees in order to improve productivity, increase engagement and reduce absenteeism. We hope that by signing up to the Healthy Workplace Programme and all of the fantastic initiatives involved, we are bolstering trust and commitment to our employees, and we hope to expect the same in return. – Darren Juleff, Managing Director.

- Director
Top tip! No hiding from work email for employees

Companies need to set clear policies on acceptable use of work email, as well as regarding when to switch off - employees need to know it is OK to let work email that arrived after hours wait until the morning.

Stress & Absence - 2014

New research from OnePoll on behalf of life insurance provider Friends Life found that one UK employee in six (16%) called in sick because of stress in the past year (2013), at a cost to employers of more than £460 million in wasted wages per day.

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