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A&P Falmouth Ltd

With over 300 permanent staff on the Falmouth site and another 100+ tempoary workers (when busy) A&P is one of the biggest employers in Falmouth, so people's health and wellbeing is very important to us, so for A&P to get involved in the healthy work place scheme we will hopefully see some great results.

In december 2011 A&P had to deal with the loss of two of its employees due to heart conditions.  The fact they were brothers made a huge impact on the workforce, we felt that we had to do something to raise awareness on the importance of good health and wellbeing.

In less than a year we have reached our first goal which was to achieve a Bronze award.  We will hopefully be able to share this with our other yards around the country as well as other companies.


Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer (this year):

  • Put a Health & Wellbeing plan together
  • Erected 3 Health & Wellbeing notice boards around the yard with information being changed quarterly
  • Set up the healthy fruit/vegetable boxes
  • Arranged short awareness sessions for "Mens Health Week" on: Stress & Pressure, Alcohol & Drugs, Exercise & Food Labelling, Testicular / Breast Cancer, Manual Handling, Blood Pressure & Coronary Heart Disease
  • Set up a weekly weigh in group
  • Arrnaged charity rugby & cricket matches
  • Stress in the Workplace training
  • Promote cycle to work scheme

Plans / Aims for Next Year:

  • Smoking Sessation
  • More awareness sessions
  • Flu jabs to be offered
  • To be able to offer cholesterol testing on site with our OHN
  • More physical activities to be promoted
  • To achieve a silver award


To achieve a Bronze Healthy Workplace award in the first year is a real achievement and recognises the hard work of the small team leading the project and the entire workforce for embracing the ethos and reasons behind it.

The loss of 2 colleagues who were brothers, who had worked at A&P since school starting as apprentices, was the start of our campaign in 2012 - to recognise the issues that are often ignored especially by men and become a healthier workplace.

- Director
Stress & Absence - 2014

New research from OnePoll on behalf of life insurance provider Friends Life found that one UK employee in six (16%) called in sick because of stress in the past year (2013), at a cost to employers of more than £460 million in wasted wages per day.

Sickness Absence

Depending on the context, workers who are off work for between 4 - 12 weeks have a 10-40% risk of being off work at one year

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