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A&P Falmouth Ltd

With over 300 permanent staff on the Falmouth site and another 100+ tempoary workers (when busy) A&P is one of the biggest employers in Falmouth, so people's health and wellbeing is very important to us, so for A&P to get involved in the healthy work place scheme we will hopefully see some great results.

In december 2011 A&P had to deal with the loss of two of its employees due to heart conditions.  The fact they were brothers made a huge impact on the workforce, we felt that we had to do something to raise awareness on the importance of good health and wellbeing.

In less than a year we have reached our first goal which was to achieve a Bronze award.  We will hopefully be able to share this with our other yards around the country as well as other companies.


Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer (this year):

  • Put a Health & Wellbeing plan together
  • Erected 3 Health & Wellbeing notice boards around the yard with information being changed quarterly
  • Set up the healthy fruit/vegetable boxes
  • Arranged short awareness sessions for "Mens Health Week" on: Stress & Pressure, Alcohol & Drugs, Exercise & Food Labelling, Testicular / Breast Cancer, Manual Handling, Blood Pressure & Coronary Heart Disease
  • Set up a weekly weigh in group
  • Arrnaged charity rugby & cricket matches
  • Stress in the Workplace training
  • Promote cycle to work scheme

Plans / Aims for Next Year:

  • Smoking Sessation
  • More awareness sessions
  • Flu jabs to be offered
  • To be able to offer cholesterol testing on site with our OHN
  • More physical activities to be promoted
  • To achieve a silver award


To achieve a Bronze Healthy Workplace award in the first year is a real achievement and recognises the hard work of the small team leading the project and the entire workforce for embracing the ethos and reasons behind it.

The loss of 2 colleagues who were brothers, who had worked at A&P since school starting as apprentices, was the start of our campaign in 2012 - to recognise the issues that are often ignored especially by men and become a healthier workplace.

- Director
Case study

“The health promotion bug has really caught on! Employees are constantly coming up with new ideas and it’s done a great deal to help with staff morale.”

David Wingham,
Coastline Housing


St. Austell Brewery won a gold award on their first year of taking part in the programme. Chrissie Knight, Occupational Health Manager for the brewery, commented, “Caring for and investing in the workforce has always been a priority at the Brewery and it is wonderful to gain recognition for the work that takes place at all levels to ensure that we remain an employer of choice for people in the South West, which is not only because of the opportunities that exist at many levels within the organisation, but also because of the support and benefits that exist for all employees”

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