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Manufacture and supply of power resistors

What we do:

Manufacture and supply of power resistors and heat sinks to the electrical sector

Why we became a healthy workplace:

 Becoming a Healthy Workplace was the obvious next step, after the site had already made significant improvements in the workplace. The chance to gain recognition for this work and provide an endorsement from an external assessment bolsters the work already undertaken and provides a further drive to improve.

Recent health and well being activities:

Improved/ bespoke PPE for employees
Raised awareness of healthy living
Free fruit week to coincide with sugar awareness week
Whole site noise survey check
Cancer awareness training
Mental Health First Aider training
Additional First Aiders trained
ASIST training
Occupational Health for all employees



Success Story:

No individual case - there have been many cases where the wellbeing of individuals have benefited.
Occupational Health provider has been able to encourage employees to seek help for issues and has also been able to chase up appointments on their behalf.
Karen's MHFA training has proved beneficial, giving her a far better understanding of the scope of the issue, providing her with some of the tools to provide support.
The biggest single gain from this, I believe has been the increased awareness around wellbeing, whether it be physical or mental. We are getting far more interaction from employees since we started the Healthy Workplace award, with individuals keen to promote their own chosen activity.

“The Manufacturing Sector is a demanding area driven by Customer Satisfaction and Key Measurable achievement. Healthy Cornwall has helped to remind us that without a healthy workforce we would not be able to achieve our goals and continue to grow and offer security to the individuals that make our company such a fantastic place to work. Working toward the Healthy Workplace Award has allowed us to change the focus and emphasis of our culture in relation to our attitude towards health and wellbeing. We now benefit from lower absenteeism and far higher participation at events both inside and out of work initiated through our relationship with the Healthy Workplace Scheme.” Director, ARCOL UK Ltd.

- Director

One firm Hewitt Associates, who implemented a wellbeing initiative including stress management advice two years ago, beleives the wellbeing programme saves £700,000 a year.

Active Workforce

Everytime you take a step you're using up to 200 muscles, each pumping oxygen around your body and into your brain

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