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Benefit Delivery Centre, St Austell

250 Staff based at St Austell

The Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) launched a well being at work programme in 2008. Here at the Benefit Delivery Centre (BDC) we took up the challenge in January 2009, by inviting Health Promotion (HP) to work with Health and Social Security Recreation Association (HASSRA) to introduce a wellbeing programme within the office.

We decided to go for the long haul rather then a one off event to introduce staff to a healthier lifestyle.
It was very important to get the backing of the Management Team which we did in February. Our launch date was 12 May 2009.  Since then and in partnership with HASSRA and HP we have started the following; pedometer challenge, stop smoking group, lunch time walks, discussions with Polkyth leisure centre for taster sessions. In the autumn we began a weight management group, health awareness days, mental health awareness/mentors and walking to work (mobilise).
All the activities have proved a success and no one event stands out above the rest, but if pushed maybe the pedometer challenge.

“The progress we have made in the
short time the programme has been
running is remarkable. This has been
recognised within the wider community
of DWP by visits from officers who are
interested in how we have managed
the programme. Our plan still
remains – gentle progress but in
partnership with DWP Well
Being programme at some time”

- John Nunn, Benefit Delivery Centre

27 million working days were lost due to work-related illness in 2011/12.  Workplace ill health cost society an estimated £13.8 billion in 2010/11.

Top Tip

Increased personal awareness of drinking levels is evidenced to reduce heavy drinking rates 

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