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Biscovery Academy

A brief summary of why we became a healthy workplace

At Biscovey Academy our motto is 'Where everyone matters'. We wish every child at Biscovey to be a successful learner, confident individual and responsible citizen. In order to achieve these outstanding outcomes for our children we will strive to build a dedicated and valued workforce. The healthy workplace is one key strategy that we can utilise to make this happen.



Recent health and well being activities

Recent Health and Wellbeing activities include:

  • Health and Wellbeing Champion Training (3 Champions in place at Biscovey)

  • Line Manager Stress Training

  • Difficult Conversation Training

  • Health and Wellbeing Board implemented into the staffroom

  • Team Laser Tag

  • Menopause Talk

  • Pension Advice

  • Personal Signposting

Plans/aims for the next year

Biscovey Academy plans for the next year are:

  • Introduce a Health and Wellbeing Newsletter

  • Further staff social events to be offered

  • Arrange training courses for staff as and where required

  • Visit schools within the Aspire Academy Trust to promote the Healthy Workplace Award

Top tip

Make sure you work with employees who show an early interest in the programme.

This will help get the project started and create early successes.

Top Tip

Excessive drinking outside of working hours is known to affect presenteeism and absenteeism

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