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Biscovey Academy

A primary school for children aged 7-11.

What we do:

We are a Key Stage Two fully inclusive Academy. We are proud to be part of Aspire Academy Trust.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Biscovey Academy is dedicated to creating a meaningful Health and Wellbeing programme and becoming a Healthy Workplace is a vital part of the journey.

Biscovey Academy recognises the absolute importance of having a motivated, valued and dynamic workforce.

We are all responsible for creating an organisation that promotes health and wellbeing strategies.

We believe every individual has a right to:

Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.
Experience personal achievement.

Recent health and well being activities:

Recent Health and Wellbeing activities include:

Additional champions being trained for sustainability

Free Circuits/ exercise classes for staff

A committed budget allocation for H&W of staff

Purchase of a staff table tennis table

Wellbeing sessions and training offered to all staff

Shout out board put in the staffroom

Social activities

Bespoke individual support

We are proud that in 2016 we were shortlisted for the Cornwall Sports Partnership " Active Workplace of the Year" award.

Success Story:

We are proud of all the strategies we have in place and believe that the positive impact is felt in our ethos and environment.

As a result we are mentors for young sports coaches and we were featured in the Cornwall Sports Partnership Conference.

The motto of Biscovey Academy “Where Everyone Matters” has long existed and is still highly evident in the school to this day.
Biscovey recognises that the ethos and environment that surround a pupil will influence their ability to learn and perform. By developing health and wellbeing into our every day culture we are creating opportunities for our pupils to achieve academically.

- Director
Stress & Absence - 2014

New research from OnePoll on behalf of life insurance provider Friends Life found that one UK employee in six (16%) called in sick because of stress in the past year (2013), at a cost to employers of more than £460 million in wasted wages per day.


A reduction in cost of advertising and agency fees attest to the fact fewer people leave the company and that candidates now approach Ginsters direct as they are seen as an employer of choice.  Number of applicants in 2005 = 2481, in 2006 = 3641 and in 2008 = 3764.  Advertising costs reduced from £50,743 in 2005 to £33,805 in 2007 and £18,126 in 2008. 

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