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Bodmin College

We had done a lot of work over a number of years to promote healthy lifestyles amongst our students and it was felt that staff could benefit from this as well. 

The Healthy Workplace award was the ideal way to do this. We set up a development group which meets once every 6 – 8 weeks with a mixture of about 10 teaching and non-teaching staff.

One of our main areas that we have focussed on is food in the canteen. We have now set up another group which focuses solely on this issue with 6 staff working on this.

cyclingRecent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer:

Visit from health professionals. Massively oversubscribed we have asked for a return visit in the Summer.

A confidential health check-up which included measures of blood pressure, percentage body fat, percentage visceral body fat and lung performance measurements.

Raising awareness about the dangers of excess alcohol consumption. It was felt that this could potentially be a problem in a stressful job such as teaching.

  • A poster campaign in staff room and toilets
  • Presentation to staff on the dangers with a summary powerpoint emailed round afterwards
  • Particular focus on the ‘Friday night binge’ and the ‘two glasses in the evening’ which we thought the main problems.

Other Recent Health & Wellbeing activities include:

Classes in the school gym dedicated to staff only. Very successful. Happens twice a week and usually about 10 staff attend. The installation of staff showers at three points around the site have helped encourage exercise at work, or running/cycling in to work.

In the future we are very excited about the workbeing done with the canteen and staff are really looking forward to the health professionals visit.

I now will stop dieting and start controlling my
weight properly. Iím going to eat sensibly and
exercise which Iím hoping will stop my weight yoyoing

- A member of Staff
TRAC Services Ltd

"I think this is a fantastic initiative and works well for small and large companies.  It is well worth the time investment for any company and has created a real buzz and moral boost here, which is an added bonus" - TRAC Services Ltd.


A reduction in cost of advertising and agency fees attest to the fact fewer people leave the company and that candidates now approach Ginsters direct as they are seen as an employer of choice.  Number of applicants in 2005 = 2481, in 2006 = 3641 and in 2008 = 3764.  Advertising costs reduced from £50,743 in 2005 to £33,805 in 2007 and £18,126 in 2008. 

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