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Bugle School

Bugle School and Piccolo Early Years Group

What we do:

Providing education services for primary and nursery children aged 2-11 years. We are a caring, family orientated school who truly care for the children and staff and are proud to be part of the Aspire Academy Trust.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

In September 2016 we joined the Aspire Academy Trust and we gained a bronze healthy workplace award in February 2017, this recognised the work we already do at Bugle School. The Academy Trust is committed to being a mindful organisation that actively values the health and well-being of everyone in it. We, at Bugle are committed to ensuring that our workplace promotes positive health, mental, physical, emotional and social well-being and have embraced well-being and mindfulness to ensure all staff feel valued. Encouraging a healthy workplace is key to creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance for our staff.

Recent health and well being activities:

We now have 6 Health and Well-being Champions trained to support and signpost staff within the setting. Training Health and Well-being Champions has embedded a positive healthy approach to the workplace. This has had an immediate and positive effect on a number of staff.

We have implemented a health and well-being board into the staff room as well as a shout out board so staff can show their thanks to colleagues.

After school yoga sessions commenced in January 2017 and numbers are steadily increasing. Staff have expressed that following attendance at these sessions, they have felt relaxed and have been able to have a good night's sleep, the first in a long time.
In February 2017, all staff were given the opportunity to access NHS health assessments on site during the working day. The take up was very high and staff reported that the advice given was informative and useful. Following on from the assessments, we held a support staff health and well-being day. This consisted of a motivational speaker, healthy cooking demonstration, a healthy lunch and an afternoon of fun activities around the school site. Staff were engaged enthused and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon activities.

We held a Macmillan luncheon which was a huge success. Following on from this, we now hold 'faith lunches' on a termly basis. This allows staff to bring in and share food with others and aids socialisation of staff within the school.

We have installed a water cooler in our staff room so staff can keep rehydrated throughout their working day.

Staff compete using Fitbits to increase their daily activity levels.

We have negotiated a subsidised rate for staff lunches with Chartwells, so staff can have a healthy and nutritious school lunch.


Staff attend regular fitness sessions outside of school, yoga, squash, boxercise, gym. running, boot camp and walking sessions.

 Staff meet up at weekends and during school holidays to walk and socialise outside of school.

Fruit is available in the staffroom for breaktimes.

We have an allocated budget for health and well-being.

Health and well-being training sessions offered to all staff.

Social sessions are arranged on a termly basis, eg meals out, bowling, etc.

Some staff have enrolled in weight loss groups and discuss their successes in school.

Staff supported by health and well-being champions through bereavement, prolonged illness, etc.

Success Story:

Access to training such as stress awareness for health and well-being champions has ensured that champions are more aware of the signs and symptoms.

Some staff have enrolled in weight loss groups or attend fitness sessions and discuss their successes in school.


Workplace health and well-being is paramount in ensuring staff and ultimately children are able to thrive in a healthy and safe working environment. Training our 6 health and well-being champions has had an extremely positive impact on the school. We are excited about continuing to improve workplace health at Bugle School.

- Director
Active at Work

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