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Company ethos or mission statement:

Coastline Housing Ltd is an independent, not-for-profit association owning and managing over 3,900 homes. The company’s purpose is to build great homes and offer great services provided by great people. With a growing annual turnover—currently £20 million– Coastline Housing’s contribution to improving people’s lives continues to increase.

A brief summary of why we became a healthy workplace:

We took the decision to become a healthy workplace a number of years ago, when sickness levels were on the rise and we wanted to do something positive to counteract this. Since then, the healthy workplace initiative has gone from strength to strength, and we’ve seen sickness levels decrease significantly.  Colleagues have become more and more supportive of the healthy workplace initiative and it’s become imbedded as part of our corporate culture.

Recent health and well being activities on offer (this year):

As well as the usual round of initiatives such as free health checks and flu jabs, we’ve undertaken a “Life Cycle” event where staff pushed themselves for    Leukaemia and Lymphoma     research, raising over £1,300 with a sponsored    cycle challenge. The healthy workplace team decided to support the work of this charity      following a young colleague’s    diagnosis and battle with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. The event was supported by the Cornish Pirates and a static bike for the challenge was kindly donated by Carn Brea Leisure Centre.

Plans/aims for the next year:

We recently undertook a survey to understand what healthy workplace initiatives staff would like to see, so will be working through the results of this with the healthy workplace team  to see what we can make possible. We will continue to offer things like our Simply Health cash back scheme, health checks, discounted bike purchase scheme, flu jabs and various training  and awareness   raising opportunities.

Weíre very pleased with the difference our healthy workplace initiative is making to the lives of colleagues, whether itís the convenience of being able to get a free flu jab in the office or a life change implemented after a free health check rings a warning bell for someone. Our people are our most valuable resource so itís important to us that they are looked after.

- David Wingham, Director of Corporate Services
Employee Feedback

"As a company BT puts the Health and Wellbeing of its employees extremely high on its list of priorities and at the Consumer Sales Call Centre in Truro we’re very pleased that our work in this area has been recognised by a gold award.  Initiatives that we’ve spearheaded as a result of our involvement in the scheme have included workshops to encourage healthy eating and stopping smoking as well as promoting the use of our on-site gym.   Working towards and achieving the Healthy Workplace Gold Award has been an extremely rewarding process.  The assessment process has provided us with a framework to recognise the actions and activities that are already in place as well as to identify areas in which additional activity could take place"- Tracey Camps, BT Consumer Sales Truro.

Low Back Pain

LBP appears in all age groups, however is most prevalent in working age, followed by retired and then the under20s. A Large portion of LBP cases will have pain for over 12 months and be out of work for over 6 months. This has a huge strain on employer, Governemnt and NHS costs  

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