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Coastline Housing

runnersCompany ethos or mission statement:

Great homes, great services, great people.

A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

Originally, Coastline joined the healthy workplace initiative because we had an issue with higher than average sickness levels. Now, three years later, the scheme has slashed employee absenteeism by more than 400 days a year, as well as boosting morale across the company.

The scheme has been a substantial success. For a relatively small investment, it’s prevented us having to bring in temporary staff – essentially it could cost £20-25,000 a year to keep the business staffed for those periods – so the investment is paying off on many levels.

runnersHave you achieved a Healthy Workplace award already?

Yes, we achieved the gold award in 2010.

Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer(this year):

Pedometer challenge, Race for Life team, free flu jabs for staff, low back pain workshop, yoga taster session, stress workshops, participation in Cornwall Beach Games, Employee Assistance Programme telephone advice line/counselling service, discounted corporate gym memberships.

Plans/ Aims for next year:

More of the same! We will also look into offering staff taster sessions in dance/zumba or something similar. Our move to a new office in 2012, which will have shower facilities and cycle storage facilities, will make it easier for colleagues to cycle into work so we hope to encourage some more healthy travel!


I am pleased to confirm our full commitment to the Healthy Workplace initiative because the on-going benefits to staff and the organisation have been proven many times over.

- David Wingham, Director of Corporate Services,
Cancer and Work
Cancer kills around 1.2 million people each year in the European Union. Between
65 000 and 100 000 of these deaths are believed to be directly caused by working conditions. Others are the result of environmental exposures which, in many cases, are themselves related to firms’ business activities.
Occupational Health

Where occupational health was provided, 39% of companies recorded a decline in short-term absence, whilst 28% experienced a reduction in long-term absence [CIPD 2008].

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