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Cornwall & Isles of Scilly PCT

NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly employs approximately 2500 staff across the county in a variety of settings.

From September 2008 a Workforce Health and Well Being Specialist Advisor has been employed whose role is to develop and deliver a range of programmes
and activities that will improve the health and well being of the organisation's workforce.
To date work done by the specialist advisor has included the piloting and introduction of a new absence reporting system that now includes the cause of absence
as well as the length of absence. This data is then analysed and reported back to managers and staff to help improve the working life of the staff.
The organisation has also run the Health and Safety Executive's Stress Questionnaire with the results being reported back to the managers and staff involved so
that they can tackle the issues raised by the survey.
As well as tackling the issue of stress the trust has been participating in the national campaign ‘Time to Change' that aims to tackle the stigma that surrounds
the issue of mental health and the discrimination that suffers face. This has included running roadshows across the county to bring the message to staff.
Taster events have also been run to bring new ideas to staff. These have included sessions on desk yoga which have been well received
The organisation is committed to talking to staff and has run a series of staff engagement events across the county


Investing in well-being can lead to greater resilience, innovation and productivity

Low Back Pain - FACT
Working Age adults are at highest risk of LBP between the ages of 40-60years 
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