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Cornwall Council

The Council has developed a Public Sector Workplace Health and Wellbeing Strategy together with its partners with the NHS. The strategy was adopted by the Council's Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) on 29th June. The CLT also agreed to a prioritised work programme for the first year of the strategy.

Actions to date include
Formation of a Corporate Workplace Health Board chaired by a corporate director and membership including the heads of service of leisure, Human Resources, Communications and the Director of Public Health to oversee and monitor implementation of the strategy.
A Specific budget for Workplace Health initiatives agreed by CLT
Agreement to the recruitment of a Healthy Workplace project officer, initially for 1 year
Launch of monthly sickness absence trigger reports to managers
Attendance Management Training is delivered corporately and a 2 hour short course has been developed for managers on the effective use of occupational health services.
Review of Pre employment health process
A corporate potentially violent persons register is currently under development to help protect staff from the risk of physical and verbal assault.
The council has adopted a Corporate Health and Safety Improvement Plan which is monitored by a corporate group
A stress project due for launch in December has developed a new Corporate Stress Management Policy and associated manager and employee guidance. A Risk assessment form has been developed and together with a toolkit for managers around staff engagement including running survey and focus groups. A pilot engagement exercise, including a survey of 1000 staff and follow up with 10-12 focus groups is currently underway.
Delivery of blood pressure checks to staff as part of ‘Know your numbers' week
Targets for the new Workplace Health and Wellbeing Project Officer include the development of a Health and Wellbeing web pages, and the development of specific initiatives around physical activity, weight management, smoking etc.




27 million working days were lost due to work-related illness in 2011/12.  Workplace ill health cost society an estimated £13.8 billion in 2010/11.

Surrounding Influence

Having plants in and around the office can reduce employee annual sickness absence by as much as 23%, research by the Hortiucultural Trades Association has argued.  The research, in conjunction with the University of Reading, found that green space and planted areas can help to deliver substantial social and environmental benefits for organisations

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