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Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council understand that by protecting, maintaing and improving employee health and wellbeing it will help to reduce sickness absence and improve engagement and the sense of being valued.  The Cornwall Council Health and Wellbeing Programme aligns with the Council's values and priorities in respect of use of resources, performance and risk managment.  Employees spend approximately 60% of their waking hours at work and the council look to maximise the opportunities that this presents to promote and encourage and empower individuals to take responsibility for improving their own health, safety and wellbeing.

Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer (this year):

  • Access to health and wellbeing webpages for employees
  • Bi-monthly health and wellbeing newsletters for employees
  • Health Champions
  • Health and Wellbeing email address
  • Signed up to Mindful Employer Scheme
  • Health Assessment Programmes
  • New confidential counselling service with 24/7 phone support
  • Mental fitness and dealing with pressure for employees
  • Difficult Conversation Training for managers
  • Manager Stress Awareness training
  • Online GP access
  • Annual activity challenge
  • Sigend up to 6 Responsiblity Deal Pledges
  • Carers forum and events
  • Volunteering programmes across the county including leave to participate

Plans / Aims for next year:

  • Back care support for employees
  • Menopause Self Care training and support for employees
  • Spiritual support for employees
  • Expand the programme sothat it is available for schools and other organisations in Cornwall
  • Walk/cycle/run maps from council locations
  • Fruit and vegetable box delviery schemes
It is great to see there is a real desire to change things at CC in terms of addressing people's health and wellbeing.

Our staff took part in the health checks last year and we are really looking forward to the team coming back this year as we have had some great reults - people have lost weight and some gave up smoking! Thanks again for offering such a great service.

- Staff
Beach Games Feedback

"The beach games were amazing - the weather was horrendous, but the day was brilliant - it was a great way of getting to know colleagues from other departments, and what better way than over a game of footie!" - Jacquie Pilcher, Extra Care Coordinator, Coastline Housing Ltd


Professor Dame Carol Black is Expert Adviser on Health and Work to NHS England and Public Health England presented the awards. She said at the 2017 Workplace Health Conference and Awards“It always gives me great pleasure to return to Cornwall to present the Workplace Health Awards, which go from strength to strength each year. These awards show the commitment of organisations, public and private, large and small, to employees' health and wellbeing. They also acknowledge the relationship between health and wellbeing, engagement and productivity"

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