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Cornwall Council


Company ethos or mission statement:

Our vision is to create a vibrant place to work which inspires everyone to reach their potential and to make a positive difference to the lives of people living, working and wishing to develop a career in  Cornwall. It will be a place that people aspire to work; a place that values people, endeavor, enterprise and innovation; a place where thinking big doesn't mean that the small things go unnoticed. Our workplace will be one where we welcome change and diversity, accept personal responsibility, expect positive challenge and support in equal measure and, above all, one where we are proud to work.


A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

To improve the health and wellbeing of all employees.


Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer (this year):

  • Health assessments

  • Health and well being pages

  • Health and well being newsletters

  • Running groups

  • Range of activity opportunities

  • Confidential counselling

  • Healthier options and food labelling in canteens

  • Trained 30 DASH risk assessors and introduced systems for domestic abuse disclosure

  • Health Champions

  • Break stigma on mental health

  • Provided training for Occupational Health

  • Volunteering leave and opportunities for employees     


Plans/ Aims for next year:

  • MSD project to support employees and managers

  • Introduce 2 day Health and Wellbeing Management Training Programme

  • Introduce health and wellbeing opportunities to all schools and academies in Cornwall in partnership with Macmillan and Cornwall Healthy Schools

  • Provide workplace choirs across the county

  • Introduce Domestic Abuse, Mental Health and Alcohol and Drug policies



Over the last five years I have felt my health decline and felt some ill effect from this, 3 years ago (I think) I had my first health check and it left me feeling quite disappointed with myself, within a few months I had started running, a little. I saw some improvement the following year and on the back of this improvement I have now upped my running to circa 800miles since my last health check and completed several ½ marathon distances. I am hoping to see a good improvement this year; who knows…

- Staff

People suffering from obesity could reduce their future earning power by as much as £500 per annum because qualifciations, skills and experience become outdated during long term absences from work caused by their conditions.

Pedometer Feedback

"The pedometer challenge was excellent for pushing me out of the door to exercise on rainy windy nights when I would otherwise have stayed in; it was a great way to get into regular exercise whilst ignoring the blisters on my feet." - David Salter, Financial Controller, Coastline Housing Ltd

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