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Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council is the largest unitary authority in the country

What we do:

Cornwall Council is the largest non-metropolitan unitary authority in the country supporting 5000+ employees across a wide and diverse work base. Services range from legal, HR, Children/adult social care to registration and building control. We have 11 main locations spread throughout Cornwall with New County Hall,Truro being the main hub.   We offer a variety of Health, Safety and Wellbeing initiatives ranging from occupational health support, school based co-ordinators, full health champion programme, staff benefits scheme, Lifestyle Clinics, Links to health promotion organisation and full programme of local and national health campaigns.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Cornwall council champions a healthy workplace and recognises its responsibilities to securing a positive wellbeing culture for all staff. The healthy workplace award alongside the council’s wellbeing agenda is seen as a visible and active commitment to support employees throughout the organisation and keep our workforce fit and healthy.The Councils aim is to be known as an employer of choice and one which understands that when staff feel valued and engaged they will ultimately be healthier, more productive and a more resilient workforce, being better placed to deal with change.

Recent health and well being activities:

Here are just some of the activities/initiatives Cornwall Council have delivered and supported this year


Volunteering Scheme –

We have implemented an employee volunteering scheme.  Employees may take up to two days’ paid leave a year to engage in community based volunteering.  Individual and team volunteering is encouraged with the associated benefits for individual self-esteem, personal development, team cohesion and overall health and wellbeing. This year we have supported over 10 volunteering programmes.

Domestic abuse project

Learning from the experience of a serious case of domestic abuse within one of our services we have developed a new policy and supporting infrastructure to address issues of domestic abuse and its implications for employee wellbeing.  We have established and trained a network of employees through the ACPO DASH training programme and who are competent to complete risk assessments and make referrals for specialist support when domestic abuse disclosures are made. Positive feedback has been received from the Cornwall Domestic Abuse Risk Evaluation and Co-ordination Hub (REACH) about the quality of risk assessments and referrals from our network.

Supporting people through change framework

We developed our supporting people through change framework to help our employees to develop their personal resilience and ability to engage positively with a whole organisation restructuring programme which anticipated around 400 job losses and up to 280 redundancies.  The framework was constructed around four themes: communication and engagement; health and wellbeing; knowledge and skills and specialist support

In addition Cornwall Council has also been successful in the below initiatives;

·         SEQOHS national accreditation - one of only 138 occupational health service providers across all industries and only the fourth local authority provider to do so.

·         AOFA national accreditation for training provision. Supporting staff with mental fitness, resilience, difficult conversations and first aid provision.

·         Cornwall Council took part in the National Time to Talk Day on February 4th.

·         Roll out of a Stress and Resilience training programme

·         Development and delivery of a Lifestyle Clinics for staff who would like support to make positive lifestyle changes

·         Delivered a targeted Health Check programme for CFRS as well as the annual programme to 700 employees.

·         Cornwall Council supported the Get Active Workplace Challenge

·         NHS chiropractic programme supported with onward referrals to local providers.

“Our focus on wellbeing is building a workplace where employees feel valued and engaged”
Julie Wood, Assistant Head of Service, People Management, Development and Wellbeing

- Director
Top Tip

Increased personal awareness of drinking levels is evidenced to reduce heavy drinking rates 


One in five people report feeling extremely stressed at work

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