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Cornwall Housing

To deliver high quality homes and housing services in Cornwall

What we do:

On behalf of Cornwall Council we manage and maintain approximately 10500 council homes and 300 leasehold properties as well as garages, shops and land in neighbourhoods with council housing.

We also deliver the Homechoice Housing register and Housing Options advice service for the Council.

Additionally we have 56 of our own homes that we built for social rent in Cornwall.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Achieving the Healthy Workplace Silver Award demonstrates and confirms our commitment and understanding that having happy, motivated, healthy staff correlates to improved motivation, performance and attendance.

We will continue to support staff with personal responsibility in looking after their wellbeing to develop and maintain our silver status whilst striving for a gold award. 

Recent health and well being activities:

Here are just some of the activities Cornwall Housing has delivered this year:

- 186 members of staff attended free taster sessions including, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, Chiropody, Bowen, Massage, and Reflexology.

- Increased skin damage awareness by loaning UV testing equipment for use at all sites

- Held Healthy Weight Sessions at 4 sites which 52 people attended

- Arranged for food intolerance testing workshops

- Staff took part in raising money for Sports Relief in all sites. This involved staff being competitive and encouraging each other to be more active either rowing or cycling as far as possible. This was achieved with the help and support of tempus Leisure who provided the equipment.

- 186 members of staff attended free taster sessions including, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, Chiropody, Bowen, Massage, and Reflexology.

- Roll out of a Stress and Resilience training programme for managers.

- For the first time, Cornwall Housing joined in the Perranporth Beach Games, coming 5th out of 15 teams.

- We have raised £1217.33 as a company for various charities such as Wear it Pink, Children in Need, Jeans for Genes, Macmillan Cake Sale and Christmas Jumper Day.

- We have 7 trained Health Champions as well as 17 Health and Wellbeing reps who attend monthly meetings to raise the importance of Health and Wellbeing by communicating, planning and arranging initiatives and events for all staff.

Success Story:

I was going through a pretty rough time outside of work at one stage; everything felt like it was spiralling. I started struggling in work and it was a Health Champion who noticed things were not right for me, took me aside and offered some support, they took the time to tell who could help me and helped me reach out to those services. I always say that that intervention literally saved my life, it was a dark time and I dread to think how much I would have spiralled if they had not stepped in to guide me to help. 

On behalf of all of our Directors, I want to thank everyone for the hard work they have put into Wellbeing in the company which has culminated in us getting this Silver award. 
It has been great to see the events across the company with everything from bringing in fitness equipment and encouraging the healthy competition between the sites for sports relief, the treatments that have been made available to different sites and the campaigns.  I am very much looking forward to supporting a team at the beach games again this year (although we may need to do some more planning on a sand castle sculpture!).

- Director
Work-Based Physical activity Programmes

Work-based physical activity programmes:  A programme costing £18,900 for a company with 100 employees could lead to an overall net saving of £10,941 (Promoting physical activity in the workplace: business case).

Top Tip

Increased personal awareness of drinking levels is evidenced to reduce heavy drinking rates 

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