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Cornwall Music Service Trust

Cornwall Music Service Trust: a quality music education for Cornwall

What we do:

Cornwall Music Service Trust (CMST) provides curriculum support, vocal and instrumental tuition to primary, secondary schools and colleges across Cornwall. We are proud to now include 12 music therapy teachers. This life changing service has proven to have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of adults and children.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

CMST signed up to the ‘Be healthy at work’ programme in 2015 because we recognize the importance of a valued and appreciated workforce, where teamwork, physical and emotional wellbeing is our top priority. We value the loyalty shown by our staff and are committed to providing them with a caring and supportive service.

Recent health and well being activities:

This year we have:

• Provided water bottles for all staff
• Instigated a ‘Food on the go’ on-line recipe booklet
• Held a Christmas dinner and party night at The Metropole Hotel
• Had mental health awareness training
• Shared with staff a ‘Know your Risk’ diabetes on-line assessment
• Offered Mindfulness seminars to all staff
• Put on a Summer BBQ
• Entered a ‘Race for Life’ ladies and girls team
• Enjoyed an outdoor team building course for line managers

"Through a lifetime of teaching music, I am well aware of the physical and emotional benefits to be derived from these activities, and how they have helped me maintain good health over the years. Recent research confirms my personal experience of these positive effects of music on one’s health and wellbeing. Further health benefits for our staff include the job satisfaction of passing on a valued skill, the stimulation and enjoyment of performing in bands, orchestras and choirs and the sense of belonging to a vibrant, creative and flourishing team.The trustees know that a healthy, contented and enthusiastic workforce will achieve results at the highest level. That is why we give such a high priority to the on-going health benefits of the music service we offer alongside our other healthy workforce activity." - James Sargent, Trustee

- Director

Investing in well-being can lead to greater resilience, innovation and productivity

Employee Feedback

"As a company BT puts the Health and Wellbeing of its employees extremely high on its list of priorities and at the Consumer Sales Call Centre in Truro we’re very pleased that our work in this area has been recognised by a gold award.  Initiatives that we’ve spearheaded as a result of our involvement in the scheme have included workshops to encourage healthy eating and stopping smoking as well as promoting the use of our on-site gym.   Working towards and achieving the Healthy Workplace Gold Award has been an extremely rewarding process.  The assessment process has provided us with a framework to recognise the actions and activities that are already in place as well as to identify areas in which additional activity could take place"- Tracey Camps, BT Consumer Sales Truro.

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