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Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Support families who have a child with a learning disability

What we do:

Laylands Short Breaks Unit provides short breaks to families who have a child/young adult with a learning disability and high healthcare needs.Laylands is a large detached bungalow situated in a quiet residential part of Liskeard and can support up to four children/young adults, aged 3 – 18 years

Why we became a healthy workplace:

The committed, hard-working team of nursing and support staff were keen to get involved in the Healthy Workplace initiative which was led by assistant team leader Sharon Fisher. Early in 2015, Sharon contacted Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Health Promotion Service to find out more about healthy workplace initiatives and to seek advice and guidance regarding activities that this hard working professional team of staff could participate in whilst at work.

Recent health and well being activities:

In August 2015, the Laylands staff team attended lower back pain training, joined a weight loss and healthy eating programme.  All staff were keen to participate and where needed commenced a 12 week weight loss schedule.  A representative from the Health Promotions service also attended Laylands to offer the NHS health check.

On 16 October 2015, the team registered for the Cornwall ‘Get Active Challenge’ and entered 4 teams to map their ‘walking’ along the Cornish coast line.  The ‘Get Active’ challenge was embraced by the Laylands staff team with each individual keeping a record of total miles walked.  One individual excelled by achieving a highly impressive 550 walked miles.

The team were also keen to develop new healthy eating habits at work; Sharon suggested to the team that part of the £2 per month the team contributed towards snacks, while at work were ‘healthy snacks’. The team agreed and said ‘goodbye’ to crisps, cake, biscuits and chocolate and ‘hello’ to fruit, nuts, raisins and rice cakes.

During September 2015, pedometers were distributed to all Layland team members; all the staff were keen to wear these to track how many steps and miles were being walked during a day at work/home.

Sharon also, printed off  promotions from the Get Active Website, staff had the opportunity to take advantage of free adult swims, bike rental promotions, reduced Breeze corporate membership discount and tips/recipes for healthy eating.

The Laylands team have been a leader at the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to embrace healthy work place initiatives.


Those who smoke six cigarettes a day or more have a 34% higher incidence of being absent than non-smokers and a 10% higher incidence of being absent for longer.

Unhealthy Choices

Unhealthy lifestyle choices cost the NHS, employers and indivduals £17.1billion every year, according to research from health insure and provider Bupa. 

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