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Event Cornwall

Making exciting events happen

We provide professional creative event management services including event development and delivery throughout Cornwall and the South West.

5 employees


We initially started to consider the health of our workplace as we were working towards achieving BS8901 (sustainable management system for events) and it has now become a core part of our operations. Our biggest assets are our knowledge and experience and we therefore need to nurture and care for our people. With this at the centre of our approach, we have developed a healthy workplace plan that includes:

  •  entering a team for Race for Life in 2010
  •  weekly fruit box in the office
  •  stress management coaching
  •  pedometers for every staff member
  •  encouraging the use of public transport and active travel for our team and for our events
  •  training planning and support for each staff member
  •  massage sessions
  •  incentives scheme for staff achievements which is managed by the individual and can only be spent on non-work related activities
  •  health checks for each staff member

The responsibility for this plan is shared between all of us and we aim to continue to develop a healthy work practice in the stressful and highly charged environment that we work in!




The facts

Musculoskeletal conditions generally rise with age. The age group 50-64 are most affected by sickness absence not to mention the UK 50+ population is expected to increase by 32% between 2008 and 2030.


“I would like to take this opportunity to praise the work of the Health Promotion Service and the framework in place for the Workplace Health Award, which has significantly changed the focus and the culture of our Company, especially in relation to attitudes toward health and wellbeing and the concept of a healthy workplace being embedded as the norm”

HR Manager for Proper Cornish and Furniss and Head of Health & Wellbeing Initiative

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