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Forms Plus Ltd

Print management company specialising in despatch labels

What we do:

Forms Plus specialises in supplying logistics consumables to online retailers including a range of delivery notes, picking and despatch labels. We source a wide range of products to streamline the whole pick and despatch process, manage customer returns and promote your company brand to customers. We stock plain integrated and laser label forms for smaller sellers using Etsy, Ebay and NotOnTheHighStreet and also produce bespoke forms and labels for larger users that want a more custom product.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Forms Plus has a strong ethos of looking after the wellbeing of employees inside and outside of work hours. We believe a healthy and happy team is more motivated, dedicated and fun to be part of. Keeping knowledge and skills within the company is also really important in the print industry.

Recent health and well being activities:

In 2017 we have cooked strange new recipes, walked the cliff tops and competed in different challenges. We have held several healthy bring and share team lunches, the last themed ‘taste the rainbow’ to encourage everyone to prepare a healthy dish with lots of fruit and vegetables and enabling people to try new foods. The team did a hydration challenge in March to see what it feels like to drink the recommended level of fluids. This was closely followed in April by a week long ‘5 a day challenge’ to see who could eat the recommended number of portions of fruit and veg.


As the weather started to improve the team went for a relaxed walk from Gunwalloe along the cliffs (with some of our 4-legged friends) and were blessed with gorgeous weather. Also in May, Forms Plus entered the Cornwall Beach Games on Perranporth beach supported by family members to make a really great day where everyone got involved.

The team were set a nutrition quiz at the May team meeting and in July we joined the National Trust for a morning of voluntary work in the Penrose Estate clearing an invasive plant specie from this  local park.

In September the Directors commissioned a site visit by a local Physio and Occupational Health expert to talk about the importance of musculoskeletal health and assess each workstation set up on a one to one basis. This was a bit of a revelation and the team now know what the guidelines are and take turns reminding everyone to do desk stretches in the afternoons. In October the Health Promotion team also visited to give health checks to all that wanted it using body composition scales. With a follow up visit due just before Christmas, this has prompted several individuals to set personal health goals which is a fantastic outcome.

Managing Director, Victoria Andrews: We take our team’s wellbeing very seriously.  We totally recognise that the success of our business is down to our dedicated staff.  Improving their health, wellbeing and happiness as much as possible improves our performance as a team.   As a direct result of this investment in our staff we are rewarded with very low staff turnover and an absolute minimal sickness record.
Every member of staff is on board with the Health Plus programme and are enthusiastic for any activity/suggestions that is put forward.  A lot of this is driven by the staff themselves as they can see the benefits. 
Like everyone, our staff enjoy being looked after and treated well and Work Place Health helps bring this to the forefront of every one’s mind.
We are extremely fortunate to have Clare organising great things for us to take part in and keeping it all fresh.
Finance Director, Jo Carter: Adopting a health and wellbeing practice should be every employer’s biggest priority.  We know our staff are the backbone of our business.  Happy employees create a united team, making the workplace a much more positive and productive place to be.  Due to the nature of our business, every day work involves a lot of sitting and looking at computers.  As employers Vicky and I are both concerned and motivated to look after our employee’s wellbeing. Health and wellbeing covers a very broad spectrum. Recognition and positive actions to improve our physical wellbeing have been embraced by everyone in our team.   We all participate in being as active as we can both at work and outside work, wanting to understand and be educated on what we eat and drink, what steps we can take on prevention of disease and how we look after our bodies by understanding good posture and movement during sedentary work. We are very lucky to have the incredible dedication from our workplace champion Clare and the openness to try new things from all the staff.
As employers we have a duty of care to look after the mental wellbeing of everyone.  To recognise behavioural changes and be proactive in supporting our staff.  Provide training for everyone to learn new skills and flourish in their own abilities by empowering responsibility, ownership and initiative within their role. To listen, establishing an approachable culture and “open door policy” for employees to come to us with personal problems.  Give opportunity for employees to express their opinions, both in a structured one to one and ad hoc.  Help them recognise their individual qualities, the individual qualities in others and encourage work practices and processes to improve communication.  Encourage individual input within the team environment.  EVERYONE is important to our business and we will continue to learn, encourage and promote Healthy Workplace at Forms Plus.

- Director
The facts

Musculoskeletal conditions generally rise with age. The age group 50-64 are most affected by sickness absence not to mention the UK 50+ population is expected to increase by 32% between 2008 and 2030.

Low Back Pain - FACT
Working Age adults are at highest risk of LBP between the ages of 40-60years 
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