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fencingOur success depends upon our constant respect for people, quality and profit. We believe that our most important asset is our people. Every individual will be treated with dignity and respect at all times, and be given every opportunity to develop to their maximum potential.

We will continuously improve the quality of the facilities for our people, the products and service for our customers, and the partnerships with our suppliers. We earn our profits to reinvest in the future of the business for the benefit of our customers, our people and the communities in which we work.

gardenWe have long recognised that the wellbeing of our staff has an important part to play in the engagement of our staff and that there is a link between engagement and good business performance.

As part of our people strategy, following health checks provided by the local council we embarked on a journey which started by encouraging physical activity which has developed through to a holistic healthy company approach that incorporates everything from management training and development to proactive health checks, counselling and occupational health supported returns to work.


Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer: 

Fencing, Big Little Walk, Walking Bus, Weight Management Group, Step Aerobics, Zumba ,Spinning, Badminton, Tennis, Kettlebells, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Sailing, Rafting, Abseiling, Canoeing, Surfing, Beach Games, Health Assessments, Chiropractic Assessments, Positive Psychology courses, Fishing, Cycling, Walking, Ice Skating, free allotments and our Rowing Challenge.

During the year we also engaged a number of suppliers and other local businesses in our wellbeing programme extending the benefits to many more people in small businesses.



rock climbing

The two activities that stand out for me in 2011 were the canoeing at Calstock and the coarse fishing at bake lakes.

Firstly the canoeing the first issue was talking my wife into going anywhere near something that floats, once we got over that hurdle and then getting her into the canoe she absolutely enjoyed herself so much so we are looking to book a canoeing holiday in Wales which includes white water rafting!

I took my son on the coarse fishing day which was only the second time he had ever been fishing and the first time he had ever caught anything. The sad thing about it was that Iíve been game and sea fishing for over 30 years and he caught the most and the biggest! but on the upside he now wants to come out boat fishing with me!

- Andy Broad - GINSTERS

Establishing and using effective channels of communication that engage employees are a key component in promoting employee health.  Examples: Health Notice Boards, Team Briefings, Internet/Intranet, Email, Wage Packet Inserts, Staff Surveys. 

Top tip

Make sure you work with employees who show an early interest in the programme.

This will help get the project started and create early successes.

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