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Ginsters 2015

A brief summary of why we became a healthy workplace

Ginsters recognise that people are the underpinning of its company. Since 2006 the company has run an inclusive well being programme that incorporates many activities which, as they have developed over the years, have gradually become owned by the staff (a number of whom have qualified to a level where they are able to run classes and give health and fitness advice to other employees).


Recent health and well being activities

Cycling /Health Checks/ Charity Cycle events / Samworth Challenge/ Gym Challenges/ Stop Smoking Campaigns (Stoptober)/Chiropractor assessments/Walking Bus/ Running Group/ Spinning Classes/ Kettle Bell classes/ Badminton/ Step classes/ Regularly support and promote  cancer awareness events (Movember, breast/cervical cancer etc) / Promote an awareness day, health event every month/ Learning at work day/ Level 1 & 2 gym training available/ Healthy eating advice or tips for employees/ Free fitness plans/ Weight loss plans/ Injury Rehabilitation programmes/ Onsite allotments/ Free gym access 24hr a day 7 days a week for employees, their partners and Cothele rowing club.

Plans/aims for the next year

Continue to promote monthly health events and awareness days. Support local charities through a variety of active fundraising days. We have just created an internal Charity Taskforce to generate new ideas and events to help raise money and awareness of our chosen charities for Ginsters, particularly Royal Voluntary Service. Create learning at work day in May for all employees to try new activities. Continue to promote and develop fitness opportunities and support health and well-being initiatives. Events will be offered on a variety of days and times to allow all shift patterns to take part.  Continue to work with the YMCA and corporate partners, develop relationships with the local companies, the community and authorities.

I have lost over 2 stone with the help of Kate, the free fitness plans and nutritional advice has been priceless. I feel much fitter and happier in myself and I now
have to admit I love the gym and go 4 times a week after work.

- Jim

One in five people report feeling extremely stressed at work

The facts

Musculoskeletal conditions generally rise with age. The age group 50-64 are most affected by sickness absence not to mention the UK 50+ population is expected to increase by 32% between 2008 and 2030.

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