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HMRC St Austell 2015

A brief summary of why we became a healthy workplace

Penhaligon house began its Work Place Health journey in May 2010. As a Contact Centre we wanted to encourage more physical activities and for staff to be more involved in social events. The Workplace Health Award has been a great way of doing this, with a wealth of information and support available from the Workplace Health Team. The Award itself is a very good way of analysing what you have done over the year and identifying areas to concentrate on for the future. The award and the healthy initiatives have very much become part of working in Penhaligon House.

Recent health and well being activities

Various events and activities have taken place over the year. The Get Active Cornwall challenge was popular as it allowed other physical activities as well as walking to be converted into miles. This created a healthy level of inter office competition.

Stress workshops were held following the introduction of new guidance. This generated discussion and highlighted the importance of mangers discussing stress and mental health issues with their team members. Since the workshops there has been an encouraging reduction in work related stress absences.

Physical activities with a fun twist have been successful and well participated. This included the Rainbow Run in June where runners were pelted with powder paint, raising a good amount of money for charity.

The more recent Santa Run in St Austell was well supported. It was another really fun event with a definite comedy value as well as health benefits.

The year ended with over 100 people taking up the offer of an NHS health check, ready for any New Year Resolutions to be put in place.

Plans/aims for the next year

During January staff will be asked what events they would be interested in over the coming year including the beach games in June. This will enable events and information to be tailored to the staff’s needs and requests.

We will look to build on the successes of the fun events. For the slightly more serious, we will be calling on our swimmers, runners and cyclists and looking for teams to take part in the local Charlestown Fun Triathlon during the summer.

We will run various campaigns during the year including Sun Safe in the spring. We will also be promoting Active Travel and providing information from Sustrans and The Sustainable Transport Group.

We have made arrangements to be able to receive orders through the Health Promotion Services Library. This will enable us to rotate our leaflets and posters to keep information fresh and maintain staff interest and engagement.

Jo who did the workplace health check came across really nice and knowledgeable. The check itself was really interesting. I'm someone who is interested in health and fitness and it was nice to know that my efforts were working and I got some really good results back. I've kept the results and told many of my friends and family. It would be ideal if they came back again in the future to allow us to gauge any progress/change we have made

- Chris Retallick
Top tip

Make sure you work with employees who show an early interest in the programme.

This will help get the project started and create early successes.

Health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace

In the United Kingdom during 2013–2014 an estimated 1.2 million people who worked during the last
year were suffering from an illness (long-standing as well as new cases) they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work. Half a million of these appear to be new conditions which started during the year. 


Health, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace
A Britain’s Healthiest Company summary report
Marco Hafner, Christian van Stolk, Catherine Saunders, Joachim Krapels and Ben Baruch

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