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Illogan School

sports teamCompany ethos or mission statement:

Our School Values are part of the school logo…

Aspire Believe Create Dazzle

These came from the school’s mission statement…

We value the well being of our school community above all else. By holding true to this value our aim is to develop happy learners.

As a group committed to learning we believe that through a ‘can do’ culture, high aspiration and expectation, we can all reach our potential.

We understand that to face the challenges of the 21st century we need to embrace imagination & creativity and celebrate our achievements.

We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to contribute to the wider community. In this and in everything we do, we include everyone, regardless of differences in race, ability, gender or beliefs.

We had done a lot of work on staff wellbeing, managing workloads and communication. Becoming a healthy workplace seemed a natural progression, focusing more on physical health and wellbeing.

Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer:

  • Health checks
  • Staff training on mental health
  • Healthy eating and diet club
  • Pedometer challenge

Plans/ Aims for next year:

  • Support staff in taking regular exercise
  • Back pain workshop
  • Take part in the Beach Games
Valuing staff health and wellbeing has allowed us to transform the school. The result is that our pupils love coming to school, behaviour and attitudes are outstanding and standards are improving year on year.

- Headteacher
Sickness Absence

Annually the average sickness absence is 3.5% (8 days per employee) and the average cost of absence per employee is estimated at £666.  If you employ 100 people sickness absence is costing your business £66,000 each year.  (CIPD Employee Absence, July 2008). 

Unhealthy Choices

Unhealthy lifestyle choices cost the NHS, employers and indivduals £17.1billion every year, according to research from health insure and provider Bupa. 

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