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Mount Hawke Academy

Primary school for children aged 4-11

What we do:

At our school, children are valued as individuals whilst being encouraged to learn and grow together, building confidence in a safe, exciting and happy environment.

Our aim is to promote a positive attitude towards learning and working, whilst respecting each other. This enables our children to achieve their full potential.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Mount Hawke Academy is committed to establishing a positive, attainable Health and Wellbeing programme. As the school continues to grow, so does our incredible team and so we strive to build upon our motivated and dynamic workforce.

We are in a profession that demands a lot from us and so the Health and Wellbeing programme is crucial in ensuring that all staff feel valued and are supported in all areas. We want to celebrate each other's achievements, recognise when another needs a helping hand and expand our wonderful Mount Hawke family.

Recent health and well being activities:

Recent activities within our academy include:
A motivated GetActive team (of more than 20 members!)
Staff library
Secret buddy system - this is rotated every half term, where staff look out for their buddies and spread a little love and positivity
Fitness gallery
Social activities - including morning coffee
Healthy eating week - healthy buffet, including fruit kebabs
Buffets to celebrate exciting events (birthdays etc)
Staff shout out board
Joined Sugar Smart
Participating in The Daily Mile
Staff Fitness challenges (press ups, squats, planks - changed every month)
Activities based around mental health week
A number of staff to be sent on Mental Health First Aid 

Here is one example, via email, of the impact our staff library has had."Just a quick message to say how fab the sharing books idea in the staff room is.  I have got back my passion for reading. This time of year can be stressful in school and home but I have found that by reading a couple of chapters each night is helping me switch off. I feel like retaking my a level English all over again!!!!! Thanks again"

- Member of staff

Those who smoke six cigarettes a day or more have a 34% higher incidence of being absent than non-smokers and a 10% higher incidence of being absent for longer.

Low Back Pain

LBP appears in all age groups, however is most prevalent in working age, followed by retired and then the under20s. A Large portion of LBP cases will have pain for over 12 months and be out of work for over 6 months. This has a huge strain on employer, Governemnt and NHS costs  

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