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Ocean Housing Group Ltd

Not for profit, provider of social & affordable housing

What we do:

At Ocean we believe affordable housing is not just about the buildings, but about the people who turn them into homes. We therefore provide a wide range of services to our residents, helping them to make the most of their homes and the communities they live in and through the combined operations of the three companies, the Group is committed to making a real contribution to Cornwall's housing shortage by building new and affordable homes (for rent, shared ownership and open market) for local people.

Our missions is 'to be an innovative provider of quality homes, with residents and staff at the heart of Ocean'

We are looking forward to continuing our work and increasing opportunities for homes and jobs in the county. 

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Beyond the obvious which is to reduce our costs of absence, healthy employees equal a happy, healthy and productive workforce. The Healthy Workplace Awards are an external validation of the work we were already doing to pro-actively support our staff to be their best and to cope with the development and growth of the business in a healthy way. 

We are currently in the latter stages of a transformational change project to meet the needs of our business and customers in 2020 and beyond and we can only do that if we have a happy and healthy workforce. 

It also fits with our values and strategic objective to be an employer of choice and by offering a range of support initiatives we can help our staff to stay healthy both physically and mentally. 

The Healthy Workplace Award shows our commitment to a health workplace and provides an opportunity for staff to get involved and pro-actively engage in their own physical and mental wellbeing in a fun and educational way with the support of the business. 

Recent health and well being activities:

Here are a few we have continued since 2017-2018:
-Intranet Health Hub
-Weight Management Initiative
-Raising awareness on the company's strategic agenda through Board reporting
-EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) and promotion and access to the App
-Health Champions Group
- Working with the H&S team and having a dedicated in-house Occupational Health Advisor
-Bi-Annual medicals
-Flu Jabs
-Cycle to Work scheme
-Beach Games
-Weekly Yoga 

New in 2018:
-Health & Wellbeing strategy supported by our Board
-12 week 'Ignite You' programme with an external provider which covered weekly 1 hour workshops on Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Thyroid and Diet Planning
- Mindfulness sessions each week 
-Singing for Wellbeing
-Backcare Awareness Week, Sunsafe and Men's Health Week 
- Mental Health Awareness Training for all 220 staff 
-HSE Stress Management Standards training for all managers
-MECC training for our Health Champions and HR Team
-Recognised on the Mindful Employer Charter
-5x staff fully trained as Mental Health First Aiders


Success Story:

By offering a range of initiatives this will enable staff to tap into something which suits their style of learning and in turn will enable them to find a way to support their health and wellbeing. 

Our motto is 'If one persons life has improved as a result of our initiatives then its been a success'

Emma has taken a lot from attending the IgniteYou sessions and has lost a stone in weight since attending. She has learnt a lot and has even encouraged her friends and family to take guidance from the information she received. 

"The Health & Wellbeing of our staff is at the core of Ocean Housing Group's business culture"
We are proud to have been recognised for our commitment in the Healthy Workplace Awards and we are determined to ensure that our approach continues to evolve and develop to ensure all of our people enjoy working for the Ocean Group and have the best working environment to help them perform at their best. 

- Director
Surrounding Influence

Having plants in and around the office can reduce employee annual sickness absence by as much as 23%, research by the Hortiucultural Trades Association has argued.  The research, in conjunction with the University of Reading, found that green space and planted areas can help to deliver substantial social and environmental benefits for organisations

Employee Feedback

"I am lucky to work for an organisation whose management has whole-heartedly supported me throughout the process of obtaining the Healthy Workplace Awards.  The Directors have never said ‘no’ and it is great to know that my employer is interested in everyone’s well-being at work.  Not only have they approved my initiatives but they have also led by example and joined in some of them too.  They have committed, what are for us, scarce resources and agreed more flexible working policies as well as offering support to staff who may struggle with work or with personal problems through solid employment policies and management techniques"- Louise Mallas, YMCA Cornwall

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