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Peninsula Community Health

Company ethos or mission statement:

Peninsula Community Health Community Interest Company provides NHS services to the adults in the community in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly - either in their  local community hospitals or by their local community team.  The aim is to provide ‘Quality care Closer to you’ and we employ 2100 staff in a variety of roles across the county in order to do this.

A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

We are a healthy workplace because we believe that our employees are our greatest asset and ambassadors and if we do not protect, maintain and promote their health and wellbeing then we are not able to provide high quality care to the people of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Recent Health & Wellbeing activities on offer (this year):

To further this aim this year (2013/4) the organisation has continued to recruit and support a number of workplace health champions to support our staff and managers across the county. Along with other staff who have an interest in    workplace health they attend the quarterly Staff Wellbeing Group and help to shape what we are  doing and need to do to protect, maintain and promote the health and wellbeing of staff along with the other members of the group.

The organisation has also commenced a programme of staff engagement sessions (open to all staff) on a number of topics which have been the source of lively discussion and ideas. A wellbeing hotline and email advice service have also been developed and promoted – as well as a poster campaign. Peninsula Community Health have promoted a number of health campaigns across the organisation throughout the year including Seasonal Flu Campaign. These have included stands in our hospitals to promote No Smoking Day on 12th March.

Plans/ Aims for 2014:

As an organisation, over the next year, we are also aiming to continue to develop on the work that we have already done so that we can continue to protect, maintain and promote the health of all our   employees as well as exploring other new initiatives. It is also developing a distinct branding for use in the organisation to further promote wellbeing to its staff with the final logo being chosen by staff. Staff engagement sessions are being widened out to include health and wellbeing topics.


Our employees work right across the county and Isles of Scilly in community hospitals, patients homes and other care settings. It is vital that we ensure their health, safety and wellbeing at all times and support them to keep themselves healthy and fit to work and reach their potential at home and work. We are continually trying to think of ways to develop our workplaces and encourage our employees to lead the way for a healthy lifestyle. It is great to see so many taking an active interest in their wellbeing

- Director
You are what you eat

Employees who have a healthy approach to nutrition are more satisified in their job and are less likely to suffer from stress. (Occupational Health, Dec 2013 - Full article available).

Small Changes.....encourage employees to eat lunch away from their desks.

Top tip! No hiding from work email for employees

Companies need to set clear policies on acceptable use of work email, as well as regarding when to switch off - employees need to know it is OK to let work email that arrived after hours wait until the morning.

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