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Proper Cornish Group

Cornish Food Manufacturing - Proper Cornish (Bodmin) & Furniss (Reduth)

What we do:

At Proper Cornish we are passionate about quality pastry filled with great tasting ingredients, made properly in Cornwall, for people who love food. Since 1988 our purpose has made us the UK’s leading handmade Cornish Pasty Manufacturer and experts in filled savoury pastry products. As a supplier of pasties, sausage roles, slices and pies our products have excited appetites nationwide.

At Furniss we have been crafting quality biscuits using perfected recipes since 1886. Today we bake as we have always done, in Cornwall using timely recipes, quality sourced ingredients, driven by the history of John Cooper Furniss over 130 years ago. Furniss is now the only Company in the world licensed to make the Original Cornish Fairing which is available nationwide alongside our gingerbread, shortbread, oat biscuits and our new ginger range.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

With a large team of colleagues across two sites and all of us spending up to 50% of our waking hours at work we wanted to increase engagement, raise awareness, remove barriers and make various health and wellbeing activities more accessible for all. The Healthy Workplace framework has been an integral part of achieving this; taking the concept of a healthy workplace being embedded as the norm, and making it a reality.

Recent health and well being activities:

Health and Wellbeing Team creation
Health and Wellbeing Code Sign up
Increased communication channels
Signed up as a ‘Mindful Employer’
Tuity Fruity Tuesdays
Colleague BBQs held quarterly
On site Yoga
Health and Wellbeing Days – on site treatments
Healthy Weight and Eating workshops
Mental Health Awareness Workshops
Work with the charity Sustrans to encourage Active Travel
Active Travel champions in place

We find walking at lunch time a welcome break from being sat at our desk all day; it makes us feel refreshed for the afternoon which increases our productivity. It has encouraged us to eat better (we make the most of fruity Tuesdays) and we also consume more water. The health and wellbeing activities we do in work have encouraged us to keep active in our evenings and weekends. We are encouraging towards each other, and apps like ‘map my walk’ help us to keep track of our achievements. The reflexologist encouraged us to walk, as sitting for long periods can cause joints to cease, as well as lower back pain. The wellbeing day was a real treat thank you, we look forward to many more.   

- Member of staff

A reduction in cost of advertising and agency fees attest to the fact fewer people leave the company and that candidates now approach Ginsters direct as they are seen as an employer of choice.  Number of applicants in 2005 = 2481, in 2006 = 3641 and in 2008 = 3764.  Advertising costs reduced from £50,743 in 2005 to £33,805 in 2007 and £18,126 in 2008. 

Working Days Lost

According to HSE, 36 million days were lost in 2008 as a result of work-related ill health or workplace injury. The worst performing organisations lost an average of 12 working days per employee [CBI/AXA].

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