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Richard Lander School

Richard Lander School is a large comprehensive school in Truro.

What we do:

Provide a safe, friendly, academically challenging environment for 11-16 year old students.


Why we became a healthy workplace:

A desire to promote the excellent opportunities offered to staff in terms of health and wellbeing.


Recent health and well being activities:

Fitness suite
SUSTRANS donated bicycles
Mindfulness training
Staff Yoga
Girls Active Friday night Ladies only fitness club
Mindfulness activities during INSET
Petting area
Staff weight loss initiative




Success Story:

Mr R Bond: Admin Staff.

Joined the RLS staff weight loss initiative in June 2018
Plays short tennis every weekday morning
Low carb diet
Weight loss = 14 pounds.

Respect, ambition, perseverance. Aim for excellence, every moment counts.
Mr S Mulcahy - Headteacher

- Director
Employee Feedback

"The Healthy Workplace programme has supported our business to build and nurture a culture of health and provide GE employees with the resources they need to get and stay healthy.The varying workshops, information & events that the Healthy Workplace programme provides, have enabled us to reach our goals of enhanced health awareness, reduced absenteeism and improved employee engagement within our organisation" - Claire Shelley, GE Money


The annual cost of sickness absence and worklessness associated with working-age ill health in the UK is put at more than £100 billion (more than Portugal's GDP).

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