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A family business since 1890, Rodda's is world-renowned for producing the finest Cornish Clotted Cream. Situated on the site of the original family farmstead in Scorrier, Redruth things have however changed beyond the wildest dreams of the forefathers of the current fifth generation owners.

We pride ourselves in leading the field in many areas of best practice. We know that if it was not for our staff we would have nothing. It is the employer's responsibility to invest time and effort in HR Management and establish a reputation as a top employer in order to be able to attract and retain talent which will protect the company's future. By simply understanding your staff, by taking time to listen and to offer support can be far more meaningful. Dawn Hedger who is the Company's H.R. Manager has nearly 30 years in this field, and is recognised as one of the top H.R. Managers in the UK.

Training improves staff performance, which makes your business more productive - and more competitive. We analyse what is happening within the employment sector and dedicate ourselves analysing and improving recruitment processes, training and retention of staff. We believe that effective training leads to increased competence, which in turn improves business performance.

An employee was invited by Cornwall Council's Workstep programme, to an awards ceremony to celebrate his outstanding achievements. This employee has been an employee at Rodda's for nearly 30 years, and has seen many changes throughout the Company's history ‘past to present'.

Staff schemes in action

  • Newsletter: published on a regular basis to help all members of staff feel included in what is going on company-wide
  • Buddy scheme: all new employees are appointed a carefully chosen ‘buddy' to help them integrate into the team
  • Training of managers to deal with diversity
  • Counselling: free and confidential, available to all employees
  • Open-door policy: All managers operate an open-door policy
  • One-to-open support for training
  • Healthy Eating: Fruit is provided daily free of charge
  • Newspapers: some employees start work before they can get to a shop so we provided daily newspapers for free
  • Employee Health Checks: Duchy Hospital work with Rodda's in a joint venture in offering Health Checks to all employees
  • Special days: Events are held throughout the year e.g. ice cream days.


“I have been a Hygiene Operative at Rodda’s Creamery for 3 years and can honestly say I love to come to work in the mornings.

I am disabled and previously that was all people could see, but being deaf hasn’t hindered my employment at Rodda’s. I know there is obvious H&S issues but these are always tackled head on, my opinion is always listened to and where changes are necessary I am always consulted.

I guess knowing that I am treated no different means a lot to me. It is an open and friendly environment to work in which I think you get the best out of people that way. I’m not a number but a person: not a person with a disability but part of the team: One-to-one is always given by Dawn when needed, which is always positive and something which I would never feel awkward asking for.


- Hygiene Operative
Staff Engagement

Companies with higher levels of staff engagement have 13% lower staff turnover and less than half the UK average sickness absence.

Top Tip

Excessive drinking outside of working hours is known to affect presenteeism and absenteeism

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