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Company ethos or mission statement:

As a brand leader, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, excellent customer service and our investment in our employees, which has created a strong, proud and committed workforce.

Our investment in training not only improves our staff performance, but through regular coaching, apprenticeships, promotion from within, development and retraining in accordance with the needs of the business this has made us more productive - and more competitive.

A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

Having a healthy and productive workforce should be everyone's ambition, especially in today's competitive business environment. Our hard work was recognised when the Company received the Gold Award in February by Dame Carol Black (National Director for Health & Wellbeing).

We were the first company to enter straight in at the Gold Level and were the first factory in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly to achieve the Gold Standard. We are now working in partnership with the NHS to showcase events with local companies about our staff health and wellbeing programmes, and sharing best practise.

Plans/ Aims for next year:

We are very keen to share good practice within the Workplace by Mentoring or Health Forums. Continuing with 6 monthly health checks which have been a wonderful success and the introduction of free fruit daily. We like to be forward thinking and have some exciting plans for the future including sponsoring the new ‘Mentor Award’ plus the Healthy Cook Off Challenge. Helping to share good practice by expo southwest. Launching the new ‘Mentor Award’ at the Annual Healthy Workplace Awards 2012 on the 2nd March 2012.

Have you achieved a Healthy Workplace award already?

Yes, we achieved the gold award in 2010.



With two primary-aged children I was nervous about returning to an office based environment and the demands that this may put on both myself and my family. Rodda’s have however gone ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that this transition has been as easy as possible. I work school hours only and am only required to work during the schools holidays on the occasions that it is deemed absolutely necessary (and even then only by prior arrangement). I have also been provided a laptop and Internet access from home in order to make life even easier. Constant and open communication between myself and my line manager means that the flexibility of this arrangement is both of benefit to me and the company who (hopefully) benefit from a dedicated and motivated member of staff.

- Marketing Manager
Top Tip

“When we think of young people’s health, we think of schools being a key space for engagement, for adults the workplace is a similar space”- Dr Justin Varney, Public Health England Programme Lead for Health and Work.

Work-Based Physical activity Programmes

Work-based physical activity programmes:  A programme costing £18,900 for a company with 100 employees could lead to an overall net saving of £10,941 (Promoting physical activity in the workplace: business case).

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