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Rodda's Creamery

Company ethos or mission statement:

At Rodda’s our employees are at the heart of our family business. It makes good commercial sense to ensure that whenever possible, the people who make up our company are happy and healthy.

A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

People don’t see their doctor when they are fit and healthy and many argue that when it comes to   staying fit and healthy, responsibility falls with the individual and not the employer. However as we have seen, there are many potential benefits of actively promoting a healthy lifestyle. Even if in-house fitness isn’t an option, there are other, more cost effective ways to help our staff get fit and stay healthy!

 Our practices now speak for themselves with absenteeism below 1%.

Recent health and well being activities on offer:

Rodda’s achieved in 2013 EU recognition for health and well being at work EU-OSHA (the only company in the UK to receive this recognition). This included activities that aim at the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being of our employees in all occupations; and extends beyond occupational Health and safety at the workplace.

Our intention is to share these practices with business all across the EU.

Plans/Aims for the next year:

Health and Well Being at work is vital to our     success and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight our ways of working at an EU level. This is only achieved with the full participation of our staff. Our staff are champions for health and well being at work and they are driving this forward e.g. looking at how to improve on what we already offer and why!

Thank you for showing you care, treating us as family and giving me the chance to prove I can achieve things with the correct help and guidance

- Staff
Cost of Absence

Average [annual] cost of absence per employee was £666 [CIPD 2008].


People suffering from obesity could reduce their future earning power by as much as £500 per annum because qualifciations, skills and experience become outdated during long term absences from work caused by their conditions.

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