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Sandy Hill Academy

A primary school which forms part of a multi academy trust.

What we do:

We provide a rich and caring learning environment for children aged 3 to 11 years old.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Aspire Academy Trust is committed to being a mindful organisation that actively values the health and wellbeing of everyone in it. As part of the trust, Sandyhill has recruited two health and wellbeing champions.  Through the use of these champions we have the ability to support the wellbeing our staff directly, on a daily basis.

Recent health and well being activities:

This year we have participated in various national  health campaigns as well as some local ones, to name a few, our staff have completed a 24 hour bike ride, a Macmillan coffee morning, and a beach clean at a local beach. 

Our biggest well being activity has been centered around the completion of a new building which has enabled our school to become two form entry. The staff have come together to support each other with the relocation of classes, kitchens and the staff room. 

Success Story:

With the relocation of the staffroom it provide us with an exciting opportunity.

Our old staff room was in use daily with staff making drinks but not always used for staff to eat their lunch  The room was poorly lit, had limited space and often was used as a store room. Staff would regularly eat their lunch in their classrooms rather than socially with colleagues in a communal space.

In the new design white walls with matching kitchen and units were picked to give a light and airy feeling. Splashes of colour have been added with paintings and wall designs. A fully functioning kitchen has been provided, large work surfaces for making lunch & drinks, 2 fridges so that all staff can store their lunch & the vast amount of milk we use. We purchased a boiler for instant hot water, a microwave and toaster and various crockery, glassware and cutlery for staff to use.

We made the main focus a large 15 seater table and chairs, to encourage staff to sit together and communicate with each other when having their break. We have daily fruit deliveries which is presented in a fruit bowl to give that homely feel.

We also purchased a small sofa and coffee table as additional seating which provides a more relaxing vibe when colleagues want to relax.

Although the staff room is a place where information is stored for teachers, we also use the space to promote staff talking to each other, supporting where needed and celebrating birthdays and achievements.

Since the re design our staff room has become the hub of the school, it is used on a daily basis by all staff. Lunch times have become more sociable and relaxing where staff are actually taking a break from class and coming together in a central environment.

 At Sandy Hill the health and wellbeing of our staff is paramount, it enables the best from our staff, which enables the best in our pupils.
This year has been an exciting one, through thick and thin the Sandy Hill staff have worked together to provide each other with an exceptional working environment.  As a team we have completed a 24 hour bike ride, this developed a strong bond amongst the staff.  In addition, the Macmillan coffee event saw the staff yet again working in true Sandy Hill fashion to support each other.  Providing a warm and welcoming event for our pupils and families to meet and mingle.
Our highlight for wellbeing must be the new staffroom which has truly enabled our staff to be one team. Uptake of staffroom lunches has doubled. 
It has been a pleasure to work alongside Jennie & Sarah, and look forward to the next 12 months.

- Director
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