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Shortlanesend School

A primary school situated just outside the city of Truro.

What we do:

Shortlanesend School provides a rich, immersive all round education for children from the ages of four to eleven. We are passionate about providing a range of stimulating learning opportunities, which develop the whole child.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Shortlanesend School staff are dedicated to providing the very best education for all children at our school. They work incredibly hard to ensure that every child receives personal attention and education. Therefore, as a leadership team, it is vitally important we provide or diligent staff with a meaningful and purposeful Health and Wellbeing programme. 

Becoming a Healthy Workplace has provided a solid foundation and framework for us to ensure that our staff feel and are valued, looked after, appreciated and cared for.

We can not expect our staff to look after the children to our exacting standards, if we do not firstly look after them. 

By providing a fluid and flexible programme, we help staff to stay highly motivated.

As well as our two champions, all staff share the responsibility for creating an organisation that promotes health and wellbeing strategies, whilst naturally supporting each other emotionally and socially.


Recent health and well being activities:

Our recent activities include:

The establishing of a Health and Well-being calendar of events, which has provided a new monthly focus for our staff-room display and  school events.

A number of staff and their children took part in the Truro Santa Fun Run. This is one of many causes the staff and children support throughout the year. Other include:


Jeans for Genes Day

Children In Need

Ellie's Haven.

A number of staff buddy up to give each other further confidence to attend fitness and dance sessions.

We continue to plan regular social outings throughout the year.

Regular 1:1 confidential well-being chats are arranged with the Head Of School.

Over-arcing all of this is our natural support for each other.

Work-Based Physical activity Programmes

Work-based physical activity programmes:  A programme costing £18,900 for a company with 100 employees could lead to an overall net saving of £10,941 (Promoting physical activity in the workplace: business case).

Beach Games Feedback

"The beach games were amazing - the weather was horrendous, but the day was brilliant - it was a great way of getting to know colleagues from other departments, and what better way than over a game of footie!" - Jacquie Pilcher, Extra Care Coordinator, Coastline Housing Ltd

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