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Tempest Photography

We are Europe's leading schools and graduation photographers.

What we do:

A family business with 80 years’ experience capturing unique images.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

In the autumn of 2014 we analysed levels of sickness absence of staff. Results suggested that our employees were not experiencing general good health & wellbeing in the workplace. As a result Tempest was suffering reduced efficiency and productivity losses, with other hidden impacts such as low morale and motivation more difficult to quantify.

As a result in 2015 we made a start and the following decisions were implemented:

1. We can help our employees by making changes: to the Canteen Menu, the Vending Machines on site and to the Overtime Policy, in order to reduce absenteeism on all levels

2. We should also consider developing a Health & Wellbeing Policy for the business which would include: a focus on Healthy Foods made readily available, incentivise employees to eat healthily at work and to facilitate employees who wish to Cycle to work

3. We recognised the many benefits of creating a healthier workplace, which include: reduced absenteeism, Improved communication & morale, increased motivation & productivity

Following this; 'Tempest Health and Wellbeing' was born in January 2015.

After a successful 2016, 2017 brings exciting change with a renewed team to help us achieve our Gold Award!

Recent health and well being activities:

In 2016 more staff undertook NHS Health Checks
After Jan 2016 Kitchen refurbishment – the canteen continues to produce a healthier and fresher menu.
April 2016 – extended first aid training for 10 members of staff who are now trained to use the defibrillators onsite.
New notice boards around Lab, Northsite and Causeway
A few members of staff completed the BHF London to Brighton off road bike ride raising £1700!
Tempest Photography enters the Corporate Beach Games
Tempest Photography takes part in Get Active challenge
Tempest Tornadoes secured Second Place in the Penzance Leisure League
Skyshot 2016 - Skyshot, the annual golf contest for the Heads of Department, held each year in honour of the birthday of the company’s founder, the late Horace Tempest took place. The game entails players taking three shots at a concealed green some 100 yards from the tee. 
Continuing to assess how we can make a greater impact, especially with various awareness days such as Stoptober, Movember, National Transplant Week, Psoriasis Awareness, Insomnia Awareness, Group B Step Awareness, Mental Health etc.
Using Newsletter to spread the news of all of the above along with other features such as – healthy recipes, dental tips, staying hydrated, sun awareness, local/national events, etc.

Health and wellbeing seems to be an infectious topic!  The more you hear people talking about their own efforts to be healthy the more you think about your own health and the changes you can make.  The newsletter has been really helpful for providing meal ideas, exercises and mindfulness techniques and for letting everyone know of events that they can get involved in, such as the Beach Games.  Awareness and encouragement are so important and that’s what the team provides!

- Member of staff

Professor Dame Carol Black is Expert Adviser on Health and Work to NHS England and Public Health England presented the awards. She said at the 2017 Workplace Health Conference and Awards“It always gives me great pleasure to return to Cornwall to present the Workplace Health Awards, which go from strength to strength each year. These awards show the commitment of organisations, public and private, large and small, to employees' health and wellbeing. They also acknowledge the relationship between health and wellbeing, engagement and productivity"

Alcohol Use in Cornwall

Of the total 441,000 population aged 16 and over in Cornwall, 102,000 are drinking above the recommended safe levels (just under a quarter), according to public health estimates.  In addition, an estimated 66,500 are 'binge drinkers'.

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