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The Cornwall College Group

Further Education College

What we do:

We are a large Further and Higher Education College Group with 8 main campuses across Cornwall and Devon.  Three of our Campus sites are large general FE campuses, and 5 are campuses with a specialist focus from the rural economy to marine science and higher education.  Our mission is to be the Career College in the South West, and we are proud of the collaborations we have with local businesses and our USP (universal, specialist and personal) approach to curriculum delivery.

With over 35,000 learners each year we are the largest education and training provider in the region. We are also the no 1 provider of apprenticeships in the South West and one of the largest providers of degrees locally. 

Why we became a healthy workplace:

We are committed to supporting the physical, emotional and mental health of our employees, and the Workplace Health Award, alongside our wellbeing agenda is seen as a positive step in acknowledging everything we’re currently doing throughout the whole organisation to support our employees.  The process has also been a great tool to help us record and improve what we do.

Recent health and well being activities:

We have worked with the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Health Promotion Service, and Westways in Devon, to offer Stress Busting training sessions to all staff across the Group.  So far, sessions have looked at how to recognise the symptoms of stress and practical strategies to reduce stress, developing personal resistance and mindfulness techniques.  Uptake has been good and feedback positive.

We have also developed a Workplace Health & Wellbeing support area on our intranet site, which contains a wide range of information about health related topics, and highlights any activities or training that staff can get involved in, such as lunchtime walks and after work exercise classes.

Staff have also participated in the Get Active Challenge, Cornwall Beach Games and National Fitness Day.

The Group’s commitment to staff health and wellbeing is now highlighted at Corporate Induction, and staff are encouraged to make use of the Group’s gym and outdoor activity facilities at discounted costs.


Staff health and wellbeing is very important to us. Achieving the Bronze Workplace Health Awards is a great acknowledgement of everything we’re currently going, and gives us a fantastic platform to build in in the future.

- Director

People suffering from obesity could reduce their future earning power by as much as £500 per annum because qualifciations, skills and experience become outdated during long term absences from work caused by their conditions.

Active at Work

60% of people improve performance at work on days when they exercise (International Journal of Workplace Health Management)

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