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TRAC - A PharmaLex Company

A regulatory affairs consultancy for the global pharmaceutical industry.

What we do:

We aspire to form strategic partnerships with all our clients as creating lasting relationships is key to how we operate. This is achieved through understanding their requirements and delivering personal solutions. We use our innovative approach of providing dedicated off-site resource to deliver our services. Our knowledgeable staff all have proven experience to ensure that any project is delivered to a high professional standard - that is right first time, to budget and timescales. TRAC is passionate about achieving results for all.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Our growth and success comes from our commitment to investing in our own people. We're proud of the experienced and adaptable team that we've recruited and retained over the years. Therefore TRAC is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of our employees. We want to ensure that we are doing all we can as an employer to provide a safe place to work but also support and encourage people to maximise their own physical and mental well-being. This is important for any business as you are only ever as strong as your people. We have been taking part in the Healthy Workplace programme since 2011. It provided structure and external support for what we were already doing and provided great opportunities to learn from and share best practice with other local companies. We also hope that when recruiting it will give us an edge in terms of being an employer people would like to work for.

Recent health and well being activities:

TRAC added additional seating support options for the team (including exercise balls and smaller seating aids). This was following an on-site Pilates session that focussed primarily on office-based exercises/stretches. The team were split into small groups, had a session of Pilates to run through some useful techniques and how the use of seating aids could help and then were given advice once back at their desk to reinforce the advice and exercises.

We had a self-service health check machine on site for a couple of days, so members of the team were able to get a general assessment on their current condition. The printout provided could be checked against previous health check results and follow-up sessions with a health assessor were available for anybody that felt this was necessary. 

We have continued our regular walking tea breaks and have encouraged the team to take part in outdoor activities during the working day. For example, in July we promoted love parks week where we encouraged the team to take lunch outside at Heartlands.

Outside of work TRAC has held some active, outdoor socials for the team. We purchased a treasure trail pack that covered the Heartlands area and the team were split into small teams and challenged to complete the trail in the quickest time. After all teams had completed the challenge we decided to sit outside with some well earned pizza.

TRAC held a beach games and beach clean at Porthtowan Beach that was open to colleagues and families. We provided food for attendees and a range of beach games so there was a variety of options for people to play games in teams or pairs. Following the food and games we conducted a beach clean using equipment borrowed from Cornwall Council.

We have continued our participation in ROC 5K in Truro by entering a couple of runners again this year.

We have encouraged the team to take part in informational tea breaks throughout the year where we provide information on health topics. This year’s themes have included hydration awareness (with smoothies and a hydration quiz) and an oral health quiz (disclosing tablets were provided to the team).

Healthy lunches have continued on a quarterly basis with colleagues split into two teams to provide health lunch options.  We get together as one team over lunch to promote breaks away from PCs and build working relationships. The themes this year have included National Vegetarian Week, British food and a Healthy Festive Christmas.

We promoted stress awareness day in October by providing lunch for the team with promotional materials to take away on a number of stress related topics provided by Mind. We put a message on the noticeboard to encourage each member of the team to take a slip of paper (provided) and write down what they do to tackle their own stress and stick them to the wall. The aim was to engage the team in thinking on how they deal personally with stress but also see what other colleagues had written and hopefully find some inspiration.

We have looked at different types of socials and this year supported Macmillan by hosting a murder mystery evening. This allowed members of the team to do something that they had not done before, raised some funds for a good cause and by sharing the Macmillan support information was an opportunity to raise the message of cancer awareness.

‘TRAC has been a practising Healthy Workplace since 2011 and I’m delighted to see that many of the good practises we have introduced in this time are now second nature across the team. The WEST team continue to organise excellent sessions across the year to raise awareness in areas such as skin cancer, mental health, and oral health. I know that, like me, everyone enjoys coming together for these activities, whether it’s a walking tea break, healthy lunch or educational session.’

- Director

27 million working days were lost due to work-related illness in 2011/12.  Workplace ill health cost society an estimated £13.8 billion in 2010/11.

Sickness Absence

Stress related conditions and musculoskeletal disorders are now the most common reported causes of sickness absence from work in the UK. 

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