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TRAC Services 2015

A brief summary of why we became a healthy workplace

Our growth and success comes from our commitment to investing in our own people. We're proud of the experienced and adaptable team that we've recruited and retained over the years. Therefore TRAC is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of our employees. We want to ensure that we are doing all we can as an employer to provide a safe place to work but also support and encourage people to maximise their own physical and mental well-being. This is important for any business as you are only ever as strong as your people. We have been taking part in the Healthy Workplace programme since 2011. It provided structure and external support for what we were already doing and provided great opportunities to learn from and share best practice with other local companies. We also hope that when recruiting ti will give us an edge in terms of being an employer people would like to work for.




Recent health and well being activities

  • We have tried to increase the number of interactive sessions and events we have run throughout the year to try and maintain the teams engagement. We organised a bake sale to support February’s National Heart Health Month and the British Heart Foundation ‘Ramp up the Red day’. The TRAC team joined the nation to turn red for one day selling raffle tickets, homemade cakes, scones, biscuits and pasties to neighbouring business tenants at the Pool Innovation Centre raising over £400.  The event was supported by Owen Penney, the British Heart Foundation’s Community Fundraising Manager for Cornwall, Devon & Channel Isles and Claire Palmer, Redruth’s Store Manager who drew the winning raffle ticket.  We have continued our popular healthy lunches every two months with themes like ‘Outside Picnic’ and ‘Jacket Potatoes with Healthy Toppings’.

    One focus was around increasing the awareness of the importance of keeping hydrated and drinking water by organising daily water rounds during March 2014. The Healthy Workplace Team Members filled up people’s glasses of water every day and provided information on the importance of keeping hydrated.

    For Stress Awareness during April we organised 5 interactive tea breaks on 5 ways to wellbeing set out by the Health Promotion Service Cornwall. 

    • Connect Tea Break – We created cards with some funny questions for people to use to connect with each other on a different level.
    • Take Notice Tea Break – We encouraged people to look around a bit more and bring in pictures of anything they normally didn’t notice.
    • Keep Learning Tea Break – We provided origami sheets and origami instructions for people to try and learn something different.
    • Be Active Tea Break – We organised a treasure hunt outside and around our office building.
    • Give Tea Break – We gave everyone at TRAC £1 to get a personalised gift for a colleague


    We presented information on mindfulness to TRAC staff and we provided the opportunity for people to take a mindfulness course on TRAC covered the costs for people interested in taking this course. During March and April several Free Yoga Classes were run by a TRAC employee to all members of Pool Innovation Centre. In July we arranged for each member of the team to have a Health Check Up. All staff took part in the get active challenge. Seven members of staff entered the ROC 5K run at Lemon Quay, Truro, to support ROC who help people with learning or similar disabilities. In November we had a diabetes awareness tea break where we played the salt/sugar game and had a display of warning signs and effects on the body of the different types of diabetes. Two members of TRAC participated in Movember 2014 and raised over £300. Also the team signed up for ‘Randon Acts of Kindness’ week. Organised our own Beach Games in cooperation with Get Active Cornwall, including a Beach Clean supported by Clean Cornwall.

Plans/aims for the next year

We are in the process of re-visiting how the team functions internally and we are going to create a ways of working document so new members to our Healthy Workplace team can be up and running as soon as possible and aware of the help available such as the library. We are also investigating the possibility of having a Healthy Workplace Champion. We are keen to continue with the increased number of interactive initiatives the team organises as these have been a real success this year.  In addition we are hoping to incorporate more externally facilitated sessions or to take the team out of the workplace environment. For example for British Heart Foundation Day this year we are organising an after work sports session to highlight the importance of an active lifestyle for a healthy heart. We hope this will also enable the team to see the sports facilities available to staff under the corporate membership scheme we offer to employees at the local leisure centre. More business as usual will be our walking tea breaks, monthly newsletters and healthy lunches. We will also hopefully get to sign up to the Beach Games and Pedometer Challenge in 2015.

Given that we have been carrying out healthy workplace activities for a number of years now I'm particularly delighted that this year we have done more things and done them bigger & better. The time that the TRAC healthy workplace team gives to ensure we have a varied & engaging programme of activities is essential to what we have achieved

- Director
Cancer and Work
Cancer kills around 1.2 million people each year in the European Union. Between
65 000 and 100 000 of these deaths are believed to be directly caused by working conditions. Others are the result of environmental exposures which, in many cases, are themselves related to firms’ business activities.

Mind, a Mental Health Charity, released a report in May 2011 claiming that UK businesses could save £8 billion per year if they managed workplace stress properly. 

The survey also found that 41% of workers experience stress, making it more of a concern than personal finances, health and relationships. 

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