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Trewithen Dairy

A family owned dairy business

What we do:

Trewithen processes milk, cream and other dairy products.  Our whole ethos is to start with happy, healthy Cornish cows, all looked after exceptionally well by their devoted farmers, no more than 25 miles from our Cornish dairy.  

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Employing over 160 highly valued employees, we want to ensure our staff are healthy at work.  We have found that developing a staff wellbeing program is a fantastic way to generate interest and engagement from all staff.

Recent health and well being activities:

We have recently introduced free fruit Fridays which have been very popular with staff.  A recent campaign to offer the Tempus Corporate Leisure Scheme was also popular.  We have also introduced a new staff communications group to ensure that staff across the whol dairy can put direct questions to our Chairman and this has been a great way of improving communication.

"The two main benefits for me has been accessing the Tempus Leisure discount scheme saving real money on my gym membership and the health check I had at Trewithen made me realise I needed to make a few adjustments to my exercise program and diet, I now feel so much better"  John Drinkell (JD)

- Member of staff
Top Tip

Increased personal awareness of drinking levels is evidenced to reduce heavy drinking rates 


People suffering from obesity could reduce their future earning power by as much as £500 per annum because qualifciations, skills and experience become outdated during long term absences from work caused by their conditions.

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