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Trewithen Dairy

Trewithen Dairy is a milk processing dairy

What we do:

We purchase milk from 25 farms within 25 miles of the dairy and our products are distributed all over the South West for retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

At Trewithen we recognise that our people are the key to our success. Commiting to the healthy workplace program has given many benefits to both the business and our work colleagues. The nature of our business presents challenging working patterns and can be physically and mentally demanding on our colleagues. The healthy workplace programme provides a framework of support and guideance to promote good health and mental wellbeing to counteract the challenges our team may face in the work and personal lives.   

Recent health and well being activities:

In October we promoted the Stoptober initiative and welcomed Norman Goodey from the stop smoking service  on site  to provide information and guidance to our smokers.

We introduced motorway service style information in our toliets and at our clocking in desk to provide information on issues inculding, mens health, exercise and cycle routes healthy eating and mental health.

In May we hosted lower back care workshops for employees to attend on a voluntary basis.

On a regular basis we have fruity days, in which free fruit is available to all members of staff and we have also set up a running club, supported by our Healthy Workplace Champion.

Success Story:

One colleague and his wife have been heavy smokers for 44 years and as a result of the information stand provided by the Stop Smoking service in October, as well as further telephone support and access to free nicotine replacement products, they have both started their stop smoking journey, which if successful will greatly benefit their health and also save them thousands of pounds per year. We wish them every success!

Employee Feedback

"I am lucky to work for an organisation whose management has whole-heartedly supported me throughout the process of obtaining the Healthy Workplace Awards.  The Directors have never said ‘no’ and it is great to know that my employer is interested in everyone’s well-being at work.  Not only have they approved my initiatives but they have also led by example and joined in some of them too.  They have committed, what are for us, scarce resources and agreed more flexible working policies as well as offering support to staff who may struggle with work or with personal problems through solid employment policies and management techniques"- Louise Mallas, YMCA Cornwall


One firm Hewitt Associates, who implemented a wellbeing initiative including stress management advice two years ago, beleives the wellbeing programme saves £700,000 a year.

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