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View It Love It Live It - The Homeseller

First Estate Agency in Cornwall to be awarded Workplace Health Award

What we do:

View It, Love It, Live It is a dynamic Estate Agency helping people who are selling and seeking their home throughout the South West.

We specialise in tailor made marketing packages and showcase each property's true character and story. Through 3D Tours and TV Style Presenter-Led Film, we provide potential buyers with quality information saving everyone valuable time.



Commitment:   We put our clients and team at the centre of what we do
Respect:    We value our clients and those we work with
Excellent:   We never compromise our standards
Leadership:    We always look for new and better ways so welcome your input
Integrity:    We always work in the best interest of our clients and team


-   Our Film Tours replace printed brochures and reduces carbon footprint
-   Join us to help plant trees every time you search with
-   Car share / walk / cycle to work where possible
-   Reuse / Recycle / Refill is important to us

Why we became a healthy workplace:

Adopting a healthy workplace ticks all our boxes at View It, Love It, Live It.       

To stand out from the crowd and show how important it is to care for our team and clients alike.   As a new business, it's been important to create the right company culture from the start.   

Recent health and well being activities:

-  Introduced Activity Lottery tickets

-  Holistic Therapist head & neck massage (May 2016)

-  Introduced NetWalking Event (every Tuesdays)

-  Offer fresh fruit, seeds and nuts as snacks in office, plus organic tea bags (June 2016)

-  Stand Up Desk available

-  Music - helps create positive atmosphere in office (Jan 2016)

-  Lovely healthy plants displayed in the office (June 2016)

-  Celebrations!   Bought a reception bell.   Ting! Ting! Ting! and share every achievement and celebrate all good news.  (April 2016)

-  Set up a bean bag chill out zone in office (May 2016)

-  Perfect to fight off bugs!   Introduced an Aromatherapy Diffuser and filled the office with divine essential oils to fend off winter colds.   Our favourite is Lavender, Tea Tree and Frankincense

-  Attended Musculoskeletal Health Workshop

-  Team get togethers included: Ten Pin Bowling, Summer Picnic, Quiz Night at St Austell Brewery, Christmas Drinks,

-  Introduction of Individual Reviews which has enhanced communication and given time to reflect and focus for future activity


-  Football Golf at Killiow Golf Club (Jan 2017)

-  We have a Director of Happiness!

Luke Power - Managing Director
’I'm over the moon and hugely grateful to Charlotte and Amy who have worked so hard in gathering evidence and making changes around our workplace. The whole team has benefited from not only the little touches, such as a fully stocked fruit bowl, but also the wider reaching lifestyle changes that can be addressed through education and awareness. This scheme has certainly changed perceptions and set the foundations for an even happier, productive and healthy team.’’

- Director
Employee Feedback

"As a company BT puts the Health and Wellbeing of its employees extremely high on its list of priorities and at the Consumer Sales Call Centre in Truro we’re very pleased that our work in this area has been recognised by a gold award.  Initiatives that we’ve spearheaded as a result of our involvement in the scheme have included workshops to encourage healthy eating and stopping smoking as well as promoting the use of our on-site gym.   Working towards and achieving the Healthy Workplace Gold Award has been an extremely rewarding process.  The assessment process has provided us with a framework to recognise the actions and activities that are already in place as well as to identify areas in which additional activity could take place"- Tracey Camps, BT Consumer Sales Truro.

Top Tip

Increased personal awareness of drinking levels is evidenced to reduce heavy drinking rates 

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