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Volunteer Cornwall

Company ethos or statement:

Volunteer Cornwall is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We are a Cornish organisation and have been working in the county since 1979. The Centre is responsible for all aspects of volunteering across the county and manages the Volunteer Centre’s throughout Cornwall. Volunteer Cornwall employs 42 staff, and in addition we support a number of volunteers in various roles that support the delivery of services that we offer. Volunteer Cornwall is an organisation dedicated to developing active and engaged citizens through volunteering. Our Volunteer Centres, situated in East (Liskeard), Mid (St Austell & Truro) and West Cornwall (Redruth), match  people who want to volunteer with organisations that need volunteers. We also have a range of projects and services - all designed to support and develop volunteers and host organisations.

A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

As an organisation we strive to develop new innovative way’s of working and through some of our partnership working with Health Promotions we became aware of the awards and the benefits that it would bring to the workforce. Staff had attended various training sessions at Health Promotions and the Youth team had achieved recognition for the young person friendly service it offers by achieving EEFO so a team of interested staff members decided to try and improve the work place by working towards the award.

Recent health and well being activities on offer (this year):

We have a number of initiatives staff can access such as the subsidised Gym membership, Flexible working arrangements, team Volunteering days, peer support, Healthy Work place Code of Conduct, electric bike for staff amongst other things.

Plans/Aims for 2014:

Our aim for the next year is for continued improvement with the aim of imbedding new initiatives where possible to enhance the health and well being of staff and volunteers.


As an organisation that has strong values we believe that the health and wellbeing of our staff is very important. People spend a great deal of their life in the workplace and it is important that employers think about how they can support the physical, mental and emotional health of their employees. Volunteer Cornwall works in a complex environment with many varied people and having staff who understand their own wellbeing also has an impact on the wellbeing of the people they work with.

- Director
Low Back Pain - FACT
Working Age adults are at highest risk of LBP between the ages of 40-60years 
Employee Feedback

"As a company BT puts the Health and Wellbeing of its employees extremely high on its list of priorities and at the Consumer Sales Call Centre in Truro we’re very pleased that our work in this area has been recognised by a gold award.  Initiatives that we’ve spearheaded as a result of our involvement in the scheme have included workshops to encourage healthy eating and stopping smoking as well as promoting the use of our on-site gym.   Working towards and achieving the Healthy Workplace Gold Award has been an extremely rewarding process.  The assessment process has provided us with a framework to recognise the actions and activities that are already in place as well as to identify areas in which additional activity could take place"- Tracey Camps, BT Consumer Sales Truro.

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