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Company ethos or mission statement: 

YMCA Cornwall was successful in achieving the Bronze Award that year, followed by Silver in 2012.  We decided to take a step by step approach and  obtain the Award in stages rather than aim for Gold immediately.  This was to allow the changes to be introduced gradually rather than introducing too many changes at once and failing to get everyone on board.  At the start of signing up, YMCA Cornwall did not have many policies and procedures in place to support workplace health, and those that existed needed bringing up to date.  The upshot of this was that employees became more involved as they were consulted over the changes helping to raise their awareness of the issues discussed.  We have limited resources but we were able to identify free sources of help that made the implementation easier such as the free help and advice to give up smoking once the smoking policy had been updated; in this regard the Health Promotion Service were invaluable. 

A brief summary of why you have become a healthy workplace:

YMCA Cornwall signed up to the Healthy Workplace Award in November 2011as it recognised that by tackling the workplace health criteria holistically, it could help them improve the health of the workforce and help them cope better with the changes that were going on as well as making YMCA Cornwall a great place to work and improving its corporate image.


David Hal-Davies, Chief Executive Officer of YMCA Cornwall says “since we have embraced exercise and activity in the workplace, absenteeism has dramatically dropped, the number people cycling regularly to work has gone through the roof and overall it’s a much more vibrant and pleasant place to work”



The important things about making exercise and activity a regular part of everyday working life in the YMCA is it becomes the norm and staff who wouldn’t dream of getting involved suddenly realise it’s fun and beneficial.

- David Hal-Davies, Chief Executive Officer of YMCA Cornwall
Employee Feedback

"The Healthy Workplace programme has supported our business to build and nurture a culture of health and provide GE employees with the resources they need to get and stay healthy.The varying workshops, information & events that the Healthy Workplace programme provides, have enabled us to reach our goals of enhanced health awareness, reduced absenteeism and improved employee engagement within our organisation" - Claire Shelley, GE Money

Success Story

My name is Tony King and I'm part of the Maintenance Team at YMCA Cornwall.  When I first started working here, I spotted the Cycle to Work Scheme on a poster so I thought I would enquire about it.

It's very easy to set up; you can get up to £1000 which covers the cost of the bike, a lock, helmet and lights.  All you had to do was go to the bike shop and choose your bike.

Since getting my bike, I've now been cycling for the past 18 months from Hayle (to Penzance) which is 11 miles.  I feel fitter, I've lost weight and it has got me into cycling having been cycling in France and Belgium.  Next year I'm going cycling in Holland.

All in all, it's a good scheme and I would highly recommend it.

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