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YMCA Cornwall

Provides housing, nursery provision and room hire

What we do:

YMCA Cornwall has around 25 employees and one Apprentice on various types of contracts and is the umbrella body for YMCA Penzance and YMCA Mullion as well as working in conjunction with YMCA England Charity Shops within Cornwall. YMCA Cornwall provides housing, resettlement support, indoor cycling classes, nursery provision and room hire.

This year, work has begun on increasing our Housing stock by converting the old Backpackers building into more flats so that we can take in more young people who have nowhere to live.

Why we became a healthy workplace:

YMCA Cornwall signed up to the Healthy Workplace Award in November 2011 and quickly recognised that by tackling the workplace health criteria holistically, it could help improve the health of the workforce and help them cope better with the changes that occur regularly well as making YMCA Cornwall a great place to work and improving its corporate image.  The Directors/Trustees at YMCA Cornwall have always given their full backing and have always been extremely supportive during the process, becoming personally involved.  Changes were introduced gradually over the years and became part of the culture and we have now received our fifth Gold Award.  


Recent health and well being activities:

This year, four teams entered into this year's Get Active Challenge run by Get Active Cornwall; one of the teams came top of their leaderboard!  We also tied it in with the annual pedometer staff challenge which we hold each year to encourage more of the staff to increase the amount they walk; The Get Active Challenged encouraged a bit of teamwork and some healthy competition. 

A commitment was made by the Directors/Trustees to provide a 'Fitbit' for every member of staff and include them as part of the overall recruitment package for all new members of staff in the future to continue to demonstrate our commitment to good health through fitness.

Yvonne Turner, our Finance Officer, was appointed a Workplace Health Champion for Physical Activity.  A keen cyclist and runner herself, she helped set up a salary sacrifice scheme for staff to by bicycles for use at work.  Yvonne also organises various events that staff can get involved in and contributes to the staff news letter for such events.  Yvonne is trained in 'spinning' and runs indoor cycling classes for the organisation which some members of staff attend.  Some of the staff have joined various exercise and circuit classes that are run by our room hire customers - some at a reduced rate.  These include pilates, burlesque dancing, yoga, zumba and indoor cycling amongst many others and our flexible working policy allows staff to attend by moving round their lunchtimes or being flexible with their hours.

Louise Mallas, Human Resources Manager and Ambassador for This Girl Can in Cornwall ran the Imerys Trail half-marathon to raise funds for Alzheimers Research.  Along with other staff members, she has also run shorter charity runs including the ROC 5K.

Success Story:

Kate says "When I started work for YMCA Cornwall last year I had been struggling with back pain which, on bad days, meant I couldn't walk for more than a few minutes and at work I had to get out of my chair every few minutes to stretch.  I had been visiting a chiropractor regularly which was  helping, and my managers at YMCA Cornwall encouraged me to move around at work, go for a walk at lunchtime and attend a weekly Pilates class that is held on site during work hours then I make up the time whenever suits me.  As well as keeping active, I also make sure I drink plenty of water and eat more healthily.​ I have a new tilting office chair now, and our HR manager gave me a Fitbit which is really motivational as it tracks my steps and tells me when I've reached my daily targets"

"For a lot of employees, the maintenance of individual health is often seen as a difficult challenge amidst competing demands of the work day, family responsibilities and other social obligations.  However, adopting healthy lifestyle behaviours not only reduces the risk of developing disabling or life threatening diseases but improves everyday quality of life.
Our workplace health programme addresses both individual health behaviours as well as health and safety risks from the work environment which also reduce disease and injury risk.  Participation in activities allows employees to develop knowledge, self-management and coping skills as well as build a social support network among their fellow workers, managers, and family.  A comprehensive workplace health programme is an investment made by the YMCA for staff well-being and reflects how much we care about our employees". David Hall-Davies - Chief Executive Officer 

- Director

A reduction in cost of advertising and agency fees attest to the fact fewer people leave the company and that candidates now approach Ginsters direct as they are seen as an employer of choice.  Number of applicants in 2005 = 2481, in 2006 = 3641 and in 2008 = 3764.  Advertising costs reduced from £50,743 in 2005 to £33,805 in 2007 and £18,126 in 2008. 

Cost of Absence

Average [annual] cost of absence per employee was £666 [CIPD 2008].

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