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Musculoskeletal Health Workshops for Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Cornwall

4 Jun 2018

Improving Musculoskeletal Health in the Workplace

Musculoskeletal (MSK) problems have a huge impact on employers and employees and are a leading cause of absenteeism. The Bone and Joint Research Group at Royal Cornwall Hospital is working with employers to help improve MSK health in the workplace.

MSK problems can have a particularly heavy impact on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) so we are offering SMEs in Cornwall the opportunity to attend a workshop on MSK health. In these workshops we will:

  • explore the business case for tackling MSK health issues,
  • learn about MSK health in the workplace,
  • examine the steps SMEs can take to improve the MSK health of their staff

The workshops are aimed at all SMEs, whether you have just started thinking about MSK health or have successfully implemented a MSK health policy. We will examine best practice and there will be opportunities to learn from other organisations. We will explore a range ofresources to help businesses support the MSK health of their staff and see how they can be used by SMEs.

So that the workshops can be tailored to different needs we will be holding 3 separate workshops for:

  • Micro-businesses (1-9 employees),
  • Small businesses (10-49 employees),
  • Medium sized businesses (5-259 employees).

Each workshop will be a half day event. At the end of the workshop we expect organisations to leave with practical ideas and information that will help them to start addressing MSK health in their workplace or to further develop their existing practice and policies. In turn the Bone and Joint Research Group will learn more about the needs of SMEs and how they can best be met.

The workshops are being held at the Heartlands Centre, Pool* on the followings dates and times:

  • Micro-businesses - 14.00-16.30, Monday 4 June
  • Small businesses - 10.00-12.30, Tuesday 5 June
  • Medium businesses - 14.00-16.30, Tuesday 5 June

We expect there to be a lot of interest in these workshops, spaces are limited so please contact us soon to find out more about the workshops and to confirm a place. Contact Jo Erwin on or call us on: 01872 256 439


 “We have learned so much through the Cornwall Workplace Health Award Programme already, and are keen that we pass this learning on to our staff.  With many organisations already represented, we were surprised we haven’t got involved sooner as it’s so aligned to our overall ‘Wellbeing Ambition’ that working for the Environment Agency will improve health and wellbeing”

Steve Marks, Environment Agency

Dame Carol Black,

"It is fantastic to see Cornwall and Isles of Scilly championing the health and work agenda and I look forward to seeing the Workplace Award act as a catalyst for further change in the county. Good health is good business and I encourage all employers that are serious about the agenda to apply for this confirmation of best practice." Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work.

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