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2015 Winners



Gold Award

A.E Roddas & Sons Ltd

It is fantastic to see that even though some staff changes have taken place the commitment to this agenda is just growing in strength with many exciting plans for the future.  It is great to hear about the new employee forum with ideas coming from staff for activities and initiatives.  The cycle to work scheme has been very popular and a regular cycling group meets up out of work to cycle together on local routes and a new team - the Roddas Ramblers has also formed.  Daily free fruit continues to be offered with more water coolers now available.  A new vending machine is also in place offering healthier choices at cost price.  Events raising awareness on cancer has been organised with a men’s health event planned for next year.  It is excellent to see that commitment to the Responsibility Deals continues and all pledges are up to date and new additions have also been included, Well Done.  


Asda Penryn

Still the only supermarket in Cornwall to achieve a healthy workplace award,  A year of many changes but well done on maintaining your standards with some new developments in place, these include: a new health and wellbeing code, signposting to support within the alcohol and substance misuse policy, refresh of the sunsafe policy and a new champion for breast feeding on site.  Physical activity is a very strong area with many opportunities and events for staff to participate in for example: charity bike ride, Cornwall beach games, active workplace challenge, football team and a running group.


Biscovey Academy

Well done on your achievement, there is a real commitment and passion for the health and wellbeing of staff and it feels a wonderful environment to work where staff do feel supported – the schools statement of ‘Where Everyone Matters’ is clearly evident .  The health and wellbeing mission statement clearly demonstrates the vision of Biscovey Academy and the Aspire Cluster.   In the Aspire cluster 13 health champions have recently been trained in Royal Society of Public Health level 2 in Health Improvement to ensure all staff are aware of opportunities, information and can signpost staff to a variety of health areas, local services and contacts.  At Biscovey Academy there are 3 trained health champions on site including the Head Teacher.  The aim of the cluster is to have all schools with a health champion or two on site with a plan to set up a health champion network to ensure all of the health champions are also supported 


BT Consumer Sales Truro

Some fantastic plans are already in place for 2015 and there is a big shift for BT to work on smarter ways of working for staff. There is a focus on alcohol and substance misuse and resilience training for staff and other plans include raising awareness on healthy eating and back care. Some other great developments include the cycle to work scheme which BT is due to launch in the spring. Alongside this there are also plans to extend the fit for life programme for staff 


Carnon Downs Surgery 

Well done on your achievement, it is great to hear about all the existing work which has been well maintained and new plans and ideas for the future.  In November a session was organised on alcohol.  A lot of work is organised to support local charities and some excellent challenges by staff have been completed.  Rather than a separate healthy workplace group meeting an agenda item within the staff meeting ensures that items are discussed or updated on the healthy workplace agenda.  The commitment to the healthy workplace agenda is clearly demonstrated within the mission statement and in the new employee induction guide.  Carnon Downs Surgery is still the only practice in the whole of Cornwall to achieve any level of award never mind all three of Bronze, Silver & Gold – Well Done 


Cornish Mutual

Well done on your achievement, it is great to see that you are continuing the good work from previous years.  The wide range of events such as sports days, ROK 5K, It’s a knockout, beach cleans, zip wire, Be Active Truro and many more show and demonstrate the support and team effort felt at Cornish Mutual.  There seems to be a good foundation of policies, procedures and support for staff and a real family and inclusive feel.   It is good to see good practice principles followed in return to work interviews and supporting people who are absent by keeping in touch 


Cornwall Council

A big focus has been on Line Management Training and it is very good to see the development in training offered for Line Managers which has included ‘Difficult conversations through Macmillan’, ‘Line Manager Stress Training’ and a huge programme focussed on ‘Domestic Abuse’.  Another key focus of work was on MSK (musculoskeletal health?) and a detailed report was produced and contributed to the research programme by Dr Wolfe.  It is also great to see the permanent Ping Pong equipment for all staff to access on site at New County Hall during breaks, lunch, and after work


Duchy Hospital

The annual staff health and wellbeing days continue and provide a great opportunity to raise the profile and awareness on many health topics.  The Duchy Hospital staff can access the specialist services on site such as physiotherapy which can help to prevent health problems escalating if support is received early.  A ‘Get Fit at Work’ day was also organised and there is a weekly Pilates classes for staff delivered by a physiotherapist. A running group was also set up in the summer.  It is also excellent to hear about the Resilience Training all managers have attended, which covered a wide range of topics, information, difficult conversations and provided useful tools and toolkits. 


DWP St Austell BC

Although there has been change within the workplace, staff engagement still remains high, this is closely monitored by the monthly temperature check, and this is a great way to ensure that you keep engagement within the workforce. It is brilliant to see that there are regular staff surveys throughout the year, this helps to ensure you identify areas which need improvement, this then helps to prevent these issues becoming a bigger problem and resulting in sickness absence. It is fantastic to hear that staff have engaged in physical activity and regularly take part in the classes offered by Tempus leisure. Two teams also took part in the Civil Service walking challenge walking 10,000 steps a day for 50 days, resulting in excellent finishing positions


GE Money

Well done on your achievement, maintaining such a high standard with aims to continue to improve in the future.  It is great to hear about other achievements such as nominations for the ‘Citizenship Awards 2015’ and ‘Active Workplace Award’, well done.  The Health Ahead Committee continues as a strong team with a few changes and new members.  At present each ‘healthy hero’ are planning for the year ahead with a focus on campaigns and a calendar of events so a programme of work can be clearly shown and planned and linked in to national events if useful 



Well done on your achievement, and congratulations on winning the 2014 County Sports Partnership Active Workplace Award.  A lot of staff changes have taken place but there are plans for the future which will build on existing work and have a clear and structured approach with a refresh.  There are some clear champions and motivators on site who lead the way and encourage many colleagues to get involved and lead on initiatives.    A wide range of campaigns have been promoted such as Cervical Screening, Mental Health Day, Alcohol Awareness and more is planned for 2015 


HMRC St Austell

Although there has been a considerable amount of change, it is great to see that there is still a commitment towards maintaining a healthy workplace. It is brilliant to see you maintaining the structures that have been developed throughout the years and there are still many new developments to come within the next year. The on-going NHS Health Checks have been a success with over 100 members of staff attending. You have shown fantastic team work and collaborative working between offline management, learning and development, charity committee and union learning reps and plans are already in place for the New Year. Stress has been identified as your biggest reason for absence at work and it is great to see that you are taking steps in tackling this.


NHS Kernow

Well done on your achievement, with six sites and health reps from each site and a healthy workplace group it is clear there is a commitment to this agenda and following discussions in the healthy workplace meeting the plan for 2015 is clear that the overall aim of ensuring staff health and wellbeing is really embedded within the organisation.  The healthy workplace group and reps have organised a wide variety of campaigns, have a planned events calendar, organise lunch & learn sessions plus the intranet site has clear topics and information on with links specific to different health areas and there is a shared drive for all members of the healthy workplace group.  There is now also a dedicated health and wellbeing section in the weekly staff bulletin, identified by the healthy workplace logo to increase visibility (examples have included information on beach safety, future wellbeing sessions and national eye health week).  A team entered the Cornwall Beach Games with positive feedback, plus there has been some really good work using step jockey, encouraging staff to take the stairs instead of the lift and other campaigns such as ‘Go sober for October’ and Dry January.  Flu jabs were also offered to all staff with good uptake and some mental wellbeing and stress sessions are also on offer to staff in February and March.   


Peninsula Community Health

It is really good to see the staff health and wellbeing group continuing to work well with both management and staff representatives.  Between 6-8 active health champions are in place and others signposting support well on a number of different sites.  A range of communication methods are used to demonstrate and share information and it is excellent to see a new dedicated staff health and wellbeing logo has been developed and chosen by staff. The new development of a dedicated wellbeing email account and telephone helpline is great with two people in place to manage this service.  


Red Hotels

Well done on your achievement, another year maintaining your high standards with some new developments and plans for the future.  You continue to demonstrate how staff health and wellbeing is embedded within the organisation and the commitment to mental health and stress prevention continues to be important with more training organised recently.  


TRAC Services

TRAC Services have done some pretty amazing things this year and this agenda is just growing in strength with many exciting plans for the future. The healthy workplace ethos is well and truly embedded within TRAC and you regularly rotate the staff involved with many on the waiting list. You are always looking for new ideas and ways to keep it current and fresh and in the future you are looking at having a core workplace health team with rotating project leads to explore the various workplace topics. This will be great for sustainability of the project and help with the transition between staff.  Each month you have organised activities for your staff targeting a whole range of workplace topics, your engagement levels still remain fantastically high.  All staff engaged in the Get Active Cornwall Challenge this year which equalled to 7 teams in total. The 5 interactive tea breaks during April targeting stress awareness was a fantastic success, it included a variety of different activities which catered for everyone. 


Trenance Learning Academy 

Another year maintaining your excellent standards with new ideas for the future, well done.  It is wonderful to hear about the new staff choir which takes place weekly with approx. 35 staff attending, a new mixed football team has started , kick boxing continues with three new men joining the group and the walking group is also going strong.  The school recently received the Healthy School Awards and the Healthy Schools Plus Award and one member of the team (Emma French) has also received a ‘Scolly’ award for the above and beyond work she does, many congratulations and well deserved  

Truro and Penwith College

Fantastic progress, leaping from bronze to gold.  The new dedicated staff health and wellbeing area on the intranet is excellent, it is very clear, pulls together everything on offer to support wellbeing, provides access to many opportunities and information and signposting.  This fits so well with the new e-bulletin – a great way to highlight topics, news and opportunities for all staff. The production and analysis of the staff health and wellbeing survey was very positive with some detailed and useful information reported.  This report was presented to Senior Management Team and all staff have access to the results 


Tulip Bodmin

It is great to hear that staff surveys still go out annually and the pulse survey goes out to staff more often and engagement levels have been maintained and even grown from 52% to 55%. As many of your workers are in the factory, it is brilliant to see that regular coffee mornings are held inviting one employee to talk to your senior management, breaking down any barriers and allowing senior management to understand the working environment for these members. It was fantastic to hear that you identified musculoskeletal injuries as a main cause of absence and you tackled this by taking part in an NHS pilot scheme run by Prof. Wolfe, with a high percentage staff attending these sessions. Sickness absence has dropped since starting the award programme from 7% down to 3.36% - a fantastic achievement, well done.  



Physical activity is a strong area for YMCA, indoor cycling has become really popular and plans are in place to develop the project further and reaching out to staff at Mullion.  There was a long pedometer challenge and staff were fully committed to the challenge.   Plans are in place for a shortened challenge in the New Year.  A volunteering day has been organised for staff and they had the opportunity to decide what they would like to do and this resulted in the whole team being involved, including the company director. Another nomination for the Cornwall Sports Partnership ‘Active Workplace Award’ this year and staff are accessing the salary sacrifice bicycle scheme with many employees now cycling to and from work and storing their bikes in the new cycle storage which YMCA has provided for staff through an active travel grant. 


Silver Award

A&P Falmouth

Well done on maintaining your Silver Standard during a difficult year.  This year has taken a slightly different focus with 4 main campaign areas which has been promoted through the quarterly e bulletin, noticeboard and training with the focus on refreshing and reminding all staff to raise awareness of the importance of health, safety and reducing risk.  

Ambrosia Creamery

Well done on your achievement, it is great to see such a positive start and a good foundation to build on plus many exciting plans and possibilities for the future.  It is good to see a healthy workplace meeting took place to start the programme and included representatives from all levels and areas in the business.  A wellbeing day was organised and delivered and included access to stop smoking support and information from local gyms. It is also shows a lot about a company when one employee will soon be celebrating 50 years at the company - all very impressive.  

Cornwall Development Company

It is fantastic to see the importance placed on stress, mental health and wellbeing and plans are already in place to deliver a stress management training specifically for manager’s course. New developments include, stress management toolkit, supporting people through change policy and the introduction of PDP appraisal systems with an option to make personal wellbeing an objective. Soon to be launched is a new behaviour (valuing policy) and potentially developing a pop up system displaying key health messages on the computer screens. There is fantastic dedication to wellbeing pages, which staff can access in or outside of work (by linking to the Cornwall Council staff health and wellbeing pages) 


Illogan School

A challenging year with a huge school build project underway.  The impact of this on normal working day tasks is always bigger than expected however the team ensure good communication with staff to share difficulties, problems and have the forum to raise issues which may be troubling some staff which then can be looked at by working together to try and solve anything that impacts on staff.  Change can have a big impact on staff and increase stress so it is fantastic to see the importance placed on mental health and wellbeing and plans are already in place to deliver a refresher course later this month  

Wadebridge School

A great achievement in such a short time with 7 health champions in place with some great developments over the previous months and all health champions have completed the Royal Society of Public Health Level 2 qualification in Health Improvement.  The monthly e-newsletter presents a wide range of information most recently around breast and testicular cancer.  The Health & Wellbeing displays look excellent and are in a very visible spot for all staff to read and access along with leaflets to take away. There is also a shared staff drive with topic base information again for all staff to access and view. 


Bronze Award

Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre Truro

The first and only innovation centre to achieve a healthy workplace award - a great start to the healthy workplace programme with a small team building and promoting this agenda with a very important focus on Small and Medium Enterprises and new businesses 


It is good to see a small healthy working group but also excellent to see that people have the opportunity to lead projects if they would like to. With a big change happening in the organisation it is fantastic to see that the healthy workplace scheme is still very important and hopefully this scheme can support those staff in the upcoming months. With 31 out of 50 members of staff completing a survey, RB were able to identify 3 main issues and plans were put in place to tackle these. Fantastic results from the NHS Health Checks with great staff engagement and more sessions to be run in later this year.  

Truro Mail Centre

It is great to see plans are in place to offer NHS Health Checks to staff  and should help to build people’s interest in their own health.  Some fantastic work has taken place as 65% of the workforce is trained in the BHF Heartstart Course with very good staff engagement.


One of the smallest companies involved in the healthy workplace programme who have taken a great first step on the healthy workplace programme. With a small team, building and promoting this agenda will have a very positive impact. There are also plans to expand into next door which will create an area for staff to relax at lunchtime, motivating staff to move away from their desks and take a natural break.  

Mentor Award Winners

Steve Smeeth - Cornwall Council


GE Money


TRAC Services 


Health Champion of the Year

Lucy Wright - Biscovey Academy 


Best Newcomer 

Trewithen Dairy 


Recession Depression

The recession has had a 'significant impact' on the mental well-being of the UK's workforce, according to new research  punlished by Mind.  One in 10 people visited their GP for mental health support last year as a result of recession-induced stress. 


St. Austell Brewery won a gold award on their first year of taking part in the programme. Chrissie Knight, Occupational Health Manager for the brewery, commented, “Caring for and investing in the workforce has always been a priority at the Brewery and it is wonderful to gain recognition for the work that takes place at all levels to ensure that we remain an employer of choice for people in the South West, which is not only because of the opportunities that exist at many levels within the organisation, but also because of the support and benefits that exist for all employees”

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