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Jon Martin Magic


Magic is all about emotion, making connections with your audience and then delivering  feelings of Wonder, Astonishment and Impossibility, sensations that we just don’t experience enough of in our day to day lives, and all of this happening right in front of you.


I see three distinct advantages of bringing Magic into the workplace; firstly as tool to release the pressure of a busy and stressful workday, secondly to focus team members and finally to add to your employees skill sets.


Close Up Magic is by definition interactive and works one to one or for a busy office, a perfect release valve to take a short break from the workday, it stimulates the mind intellectually and emotionally with surprise, laughter, the unknown and sometimes a little fear. Once the show is over, everyone relaxes and get back to the task at hand, re-energised, focused and with a feeling of having seen something amazing and personal at the same time.


I have also been asked about team building events based around teaching some beginner Magician techniques and tricks so those involved can learn a routine or two to perform for their partner, their children and their friends. Adding to an employees skill set with something creative that is well within the reach of everyone.


Close Up Magic can be performed anywhere with no special performance space required, everything I need I carry on my person, no bulky props or boxes to move around.


I really feel that in todays modern workplace this kind of stress reducing event can be really beneficial and I would love to discuss my ideas with you further.


Jon is offering a 10% discount for Healthy Workplace Members on all performance and team building sessions, please call to organise a programme for your workforce.


07443 577497



Low Back Pain

LBP appears in all age groups, however is most prevalent in working age, followed by retired and then the under20s. A Large portion of LBP cases will have pain for over 12 months and be out of work for over 6 months. This has a huge strain on employer, Governemnt and NHS costs  

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Everytime you take a step you're using up to 200 muscles, each pumping oxygen around your body and into your brain

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