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Book your Workplace Health assessment now!

Date: 1 Sep 2016

Good Afternoon All
Ready for our Workplace Health Awards on the 27th February 2017 (Please save the date).  It is that time of year again... our Workplace Health Assessment Visits!  
We have refreshed examples of evidence and useful links to help you complete the criteria, so please take a look when looking for inspiration.  Alongside this we have also added a new 'upload' feature so you can upload evidence next to the criteria to support your award entry, but please note that this is an optional feature.
We will continue to aim to speak to more staff at our on-site visits and will be asking a few questions to staff members about the health and well-being of staff within your organisation.
You can complete or update your self-assessment online by visiting our website to upload any pieces of evidence to support your assessment. 
All our assessment visits can be booked in between 3rd October 2016 - 15th December 2016, so please book in your assessment visit as soon as possible, by contacting Workplace Health.

Please remember to book in advance as the diary seems to fill up very quickly!
If you feel you are not quite ready to apply for the Bronze Award Level, do not forget that you can apply for the 'Physical Activity Certificate' - please follow the link and log into your members area where you can apply for the certificate.  This is a great stepping stone to achieving the full award.  We are working in partnership with the Cornwall Sports Partnership on this and the certificates recognises companies, within Cornwall, that demonstrate a positive approach towards the physical activity levels of its employees.  
We can't emphasise enough the importance of the Workplace Health award as a framework to recognise the good practice in place within your organisations and also the visits are a great opportunity to plan for the year ahead discussing new ideas and accessing support available to you through the Health Promotion Service.
If you have any queries at all please do make contact us in Workplace Health in the near future.
We hope you are as excited as we are and we hope to see you all soon!

Work-Based Physical activity Programmes

Work-based physical activity programmes:  A programme costing £18,900 for a company with 100 employees could lead to an overall net saving of £10,941 (Promoting physical activity in the workplace: business case).

Top Tip

Increased personal awareness of drinking levels is evidenced to reduce heavy drinking rates 

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